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Making art and selling art often seem at opposite ends of the creative spectrum for many artists. We struggle with all aspects of these two tasks. We are not sure that our art is "good" or worthwhile, and when it comes to actually trying to sell it, we are steeped in questions about our worth on many levels. All of our ideas and feelings about ourselves and our work can directly influence how others see us and value what we do. Many times we are blocked in just creating our work because of self-doubt and we thwart our creative process. We find ourselves in low tide, unable to move forward in any creative direction that seems to make sense.

Marketing our art can just deepen the blockage, and we give up before we even get started. We don't work at it all, or just do it half-heartedly because, somewhere deep inside, we just don't believe we are worth the effort. And, marketing art as a business can seem like too much effort, so counter to creative art-making.

I write these words not to paint a depressing, dark picture of the life of an artist. I write them to state the not-so-obvious courageous dilemma that is so prevalent within the work of an artist. And, I know this is not how we have to live and work and market our artist's life. I know that we can be who we really are, and create as we are meant to create, and that the world is enriched when we each connect with our truth, worth and authenticity–and share our art.

So, as the workshop chair for the Arts Alliance of Three Rivers, I asked author and marketing expert, Andrea Adler, to come to Three Rivers to give local artists a lift and to share her very energetically creative approach to marketing. I know that what she has to teach will change our lives and our community, especially the art community of Three Rivers, which is so rich in creativity, expression and tenacity.

As you have seen the various social media posts, stories, posters and outreach about Andrea's "Holistic Marketing" workshop, a nudge of curiosity or a wondering about it, may have shown up from deep in your artist’s soul. Don't dismiss this nudge as something not to listen to and follow. Don't let fear about prospering––or your discomfort with the very idea of marketing––or any form of "I am not worth it"–– keep you from taking advantage of this unique workshop.

Honor your worth as an artist and give yourself the gift of this special opportunity. Join us in the foothills and bring a friend. Share the good stuff.

[Even though this workshop was geared toward artists, it is pertinent for any business and is open to all.] ___________________________________________________

Holistic Marketing for the Cultural Creative with Andrea Adler (see
January 21-22, 2012
Sponsored by the Arts Alliance of Three Rivers
Held at St Anthony Retreat in Three Rivers (lunch included both days)
Download a registration from at
Checks, MC, VISA, Am Ex and Discover cards accepted.
Save $30 if you join the Arts Alliance and register at the member rate.
Membership in the Arts Alliance is $20 a calendar year, and you can find the membership form at
Call Elsah Cort at 559-561-4671 with any questions or to register with credit card.

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