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Saturday, I went to the F.A.M. and saw the most wonderful exhibit. Photography was much of it. I am a fan of Dorthea Lange, but I never knew who she was until recently, someone told me that I have a similar style as her, because of the photographs I have taken of the homeless and cancer survivors. I was curious.

I later found out, the photograph that I have always admired was taken by her, so even though I did not know the name of the photographer, I already knew her work. She really inspired me. The photograph I am referring to, is of a woman and her two children during the depression, I saw it in a National Geographic Magazine several years ago and again in a book of photographs. I loved it the second I saw it. So, to see some of her work in actual reality was very wonderful.

Maynard Dixon was the featured artist.
His work is incredible. I walked around, by myself, no kids distracting me, and took it all in.
This is one of my favorate exhibits I have seen.

I was lucky to have gone on the day of the documetary, featuring, Mr. Dixon.
As I sat in the seat waiting for the documentary to begin, I text messaged myself some things that I saw. I saw words on paper, drawings, black and white, some pink and pastel, bras and shoes, lace, sculptures with balls making women, self portraits and children.

I had to leave early to go to a job, so I did not get to see the entire doc. though I am considering purchasing it so I can watch it at home. I knew I would not be able to stay for the end, and the question that were going to be taken by the producer of the film, so before I left, I emailed her.
I was excited to see that on my emails this morning, she responded back to me. What a nice woman, taking the time for me! It was very much appreciated. Her name is Jayne Mckay. She is also the writer of the documentary along with, Daniel Dixon.

The whole exhibit is awesume and only $5.00 to get in. Go check it out. There really is much more to see then this...but you will need to see it for yourself. An amazing museum exhibit at The Fresno Art Museum.

Remember, Mr. O....a, when you told me photographers were a dime a dozen (five years ago)?
I told you, I am not one of those kind of photographers.
And by the looks of all the other ARTISTS on this site, either are they.

No disrespect intended. Just my opinion.

About the documentary.

2008 SPUR Award Winner Best Documentary-Western Writers of America

MAYNARD DIXON: Art and Spirit is a feature length documentary that profiles the breathtaking art and complex life of artist, Maynard Dixon (1875–1946). The desert was Dixon’s sanctuary, a timeless place where he could forget the hurried pace of his life in San Francisco. He would often leave his wife and children, his paying work in the city, and his friends in the bohemian art scene for months of solitary searching in the American West. Under the desert stars, Dixon wrote poetry. Under the desert sun, Dixon painted, sketched and drew. His travels took him to the camps and reservations of the Hopi and Navajo, where he was welcomed with reverence for his talent with pencil, crayon and paint. He lived with the Native Americans and his art became a language between two cultures. “That sense of sun and space and silence—of serenity—of strength and freedom—if I can interpret that with what I can master of technical requirements, I will have reached the best of my endeavor",” Dixon wrote.

Maynard Dixon: Art and Spirit reveals the rich canvas of his life through insightful interviews with his family, friends and members of the art community. Dixon’s sons, Daniel and John, share intimate recollections of their parent’s complex relationship. Dixon’s friends, artists Ray Strong and Milford Zornes, recall the unique character of Maynard Dixon. The film is enriched with over four-hundred Dixon paintings and drawings, portraits of Dixon taken by his lifelong friend, Ansel Adams and family photographs and rare audio by his second wife, celebrated photographer, Dorothea Lange. Dixon biographers, Donald J. Hagerty and Linda Jones Gibbs share their expertise on the personal struggles that Dixon overcame to continue his quest to record the vanishing West. Film locations include Montana, Utah, Arizona, California and New Mexico, bringing Dixon’s paintings and drawings to life in the breathtaking panoramas of the land that he loved so deeply.

Executive Producers: EDENHURST GALLERY
Produced and Directed by: JAYNE McKAY

Additional music performed by SANTA CRUZ RIVER BAND, Michael Ronstadt, Gilbert Brown and Ted Ramirez.

Running time: 67 minutes

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Comment by SIN on July 5, 2009 at 8:40am
Oh, that sounds cool, I did not get to see that one. Thanks for posting that.
Comment by Dave Meyer on June 18, 2009 at 6:21pm
The Rondel Partridge exhibit was pretty cool too. They put on a film that his daughter and some others made of him, and he spoke. He is good friends with Daniel Dixon who stayed to hear him, and Dixon came up on stage and made some comments. It was awesome to see these old guys enjoying each other so much. Partridge is 93 and sharp as a tack. And, he apprenticed with Dorothea Lange.

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