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Space Between Spaces (a spoken word poem)


The cars, the signs, the noise,

people with all their toys

The street lights

The city fights

keeps me up at night.


The grind, the push, the stress

Gotta keep moving through this mess

Don't slow down

Too many smiles covered up with a frown


Our lives are the words that everyone shouts

Who said this is what it's  all about?


We rant and we rage

BeCause the rules written down on a page

Have become the bars of our prison cell,

keeping us locked in this illusion of Hell.

Fuck the roses and their smell.  . .


Yeah . . . Fuck the roses  . . .

and their smell.


But what is written in between the lines?

Is there something more to be seen though these eyes?

Have we forgotten how to breath?

And take a moment to just release?

All the worthless energies?


The space between spaces is where We should be

In the place beyond places

Where the soul runs free.


Have we forgotten where We come from?

The place where we all belong?

No matter week or strong?


Where love is the currency

And peace creates the freedom to just "be".

And It's all there

inside of me.

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