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as I heard a fellow poet,

go on and on

about how much Fresno's existence offended and oppressed him,


how much the valley reeked of putrid nothing,


shifted in my seat with decisiveness and


"you are too weak to live in this valley,

your mind,

too pretty,

with exalted ideas about what art is.

You shame your beginnings and lust after an existence of receptions and social aesthetics,

in a world,

where you

are just a visiting guest.

Come home and sit down in the fields with me.

Here life is never easy,

unless you own the fields,

or the streets.

I know ,


have never owned anything.

It is in this,




that the beauty and the truth of life

grow wildly.

Here in the midst of valley clay and prejudice,

you can strum out songs

and write volumes

on the heart sounds of everyday amazing,

but it takes work,

to extract this beauty.


in little valley towns that do not have book stores or libraries,

you will create colors , words and sounds

as a matter of survival.

This life

does not give you anything



have not worked for ,

and baby...

we work hard here."

Se requiere fuerza.

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