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My Art at Heartbeat Boxing August 4th, 2016

Hello! I used to come by here back in 2010 as a 20-something year old to blog and post pics of my art. Six years has passed since I last posted my art. I am still making art, though my style has changed. I have matured as an artist. My style is now more expressionist, more abstract, and I do more paintings now. Also, I do acrylic paintings now. I have spent the past 5 years attending CSU Fresno for my Bachelor's and Master's degrees and volunteering as a graphic designer for an extracurricular cultural club from 2012-2014. I graduated with my BA and MA in linguistics and found myself with spare time. I decided to take up art again! I had been doing art in spurts during my final college years, mostly drawing and designing for the cultural club's events. 

I have now begun to create art on a daily basis. I participated in last month's art hop, located at Heartbeat Boxing south of downtown Fresno, 155 Van Ness avenue. It was a wonderful experience and I am lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to participate in the upcoming August's art hop at the same location, Heartbeat Boxing. 

My pieces for the August show include special small paintings about the "fight sport life," related to combat sports such as boxing and Muay Thai. This is very meaningful to me. I have been training in Muay Thai since 2013, off and on, and I have grown a deep attachment to the Muay Thai life. I happened to find out that there was a boxing gym in Fresno that was an art hop venue and I jumped at the chance to showcase my art in a fight gym. I loved the idea of being surrounded by art, boxing bags, and boxers training in the background. In July, I was allowed to show my art at Heartbeat Boxing and I had a great time being entertained by both the artwork and the boxing students sparring by the boxing ring!

I am excited about August's art hop and I hope that some of you might find your way to the fight gym to see my work in person!

I will post one of the pieces I showed at July's art hop after I finish blogging. It is a painting of a woman with her guard up (hands in fists by face to block and parry punches and kicks) with a boxing glove in the foreground. It is an expressionist paintings, heavy with shadows and intensity. I have some pieces that I will show in August that include paintings of fights in the ring and the pre-fight rituals that are common practice in traditional Muay Thai fights. I love the magic of Muay Thai, and I hope that my paintings illustrate the delicate balance between aggression and respect for the opponent and the loyalty that fighters feel to the fight sport and to their teachers. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day! If you have any questions for me, feel free to message me or post your question here on this blog. 

Also, if you would like to volunteer your time as an art model, I would be honored to paint you! I am always looking for a muse to inspire my art (no nudity involved in this volunteer modeling).

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