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This is my mind.

I guard it with my life.

I have spent too many days and nights,

tirelessly sifting through sand,

gathering up threads and pieces ,

to ever

 let it

be lost.


This is my body.

I guard it with my mind.

I have spent too many hours fighting,

 to own it.

I cannot give it away to pain


 without meditation,

to pleasure,

as though it was weightless

 and transparent

sheets of paper.


These are my words.

They are sacred

only to me.

I say them

because I believe them to be true.

I stand by them with body and mind.


This is my soul,

that uses the words to make itself seen.

I cast away any shame or shadow that attempts to quiet or belittle it.

It has long outgrown my body,

I feel it trailing behind me and branching out in every direction.

I allow myself a much larger space to pass through

 and exist in

 than that required

by my physical presence.


This entire being is my responsibility.

It is



make of it.

Mi existencia. 

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