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"Jude, The Story of a Woman"


The life of a woman is to be explored through photography and art.


Photographer Cynthia Chapman Manuszak, has followed her subject, Judy Arke for two years with her camera, shooting approximately every sixth months, capturing her life ups and downs through the lens.


A selection of the photos will be shown for the February Arthop in the gorgeous lofts of Pacific Towers, formally known as the Security Bank Building in Downtown Fresno.


Along with the photographs, Cynthia will be showing paintings that she has done in her own style of finger and hand painting to capture the emotion of her complex yet inspiring model, Jude, a woman without child, pursuing her education and future while also fulfilling her needs as a woman.


Manuszak was intrigued with her model when asked to do a sensual shoot during one of the most difficult times of Judy Arke's life. What Arke did not realize was that the two women had something in common, the pain of love and loss thought later to be told as the story of a woman.


This perpetuated quite an interesting bond as it was mutually decided to continue the capture of their present stories through these frequent photography shoots. Manuszak would carefully direct the poses from her own heart and that of what she felt coming from Judy. Judy cooperated very well through each session. The end result was quite compelling.


Along with these works will be a series of body presses on canvas done by an assortment of local women. Manuszak asked for women to participate, each telling their own story through art.


This will be an interesting show for the women who have chosen to do their own expression of self through these unique paintings and is also something that may open an eye or two in men.

Some of the body presses will be a first time adventure in art, while others are being done by local artists. The key factor is expression.


Additionally, to add to the ambiance of women, local singer and songwriter, Annette Ash, will be performing live. Annette has a very soulful style that brings about much emotion.


Opening Reception: February 3, 2011

Time: 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The Lofts of Pacific Towers

1060 Fulton Mall

Downtown Fresno



















Cynthia Chapman Manuszak is a graduate student of Fresno Pacific University, completing requriements for a Master's Degree in Art Therapy.  Art Therapy is fast becoming recognized as a valuable source in the therapy profession.

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