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"In the Round" December ArtHop at Fresno City Hall

Photographer Danny Ayers has taken some of most iconic photos in the Central Valley of California. On December 2nd at the Fresno City Hall Danny will showcase his incredible talents in a show called “In the Round.”
Danny began his career as a photographer in the late 80’s but it was after he started photographing concerts that he started to make a name as a photographer. “There is nothing more exciting to a photographer than photographing a live concert,” explains Ayers. “All the skills and training of a photographer are needed during a live concert—and a whole lot of luck.” His first concert was KISS and he has gone on to photograph nearly 1,000 concerts and events in a professional career that has endured nearly 15 years.
Danny has been published across the United States and Europe and is quite possibly the most published photographer in the Central Valley. His work has been seen on TV shows such as Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC and A & E, just to name a few. In addition, his work has been published in People Magazine, Newsweek, In-Touch and The New York Post.
Soon after the events of September 11, 2001, Danny felt compelled to travel to New York City and photograph the city. His main purpose was to capture photographically the Twin Light Towers, two huge blue beams of light that reflected where the Twin Towers once stood. It was an experience that changed Danny’s thoughts and perceptions, making him part of the history and the events that changed America and the world forever.
A female NYPD officer allowed Danny access to a room in a secured area of a building adjacent to where the Twin Towers once stood. It was a special place that had been set up for the grieving relatives of those who had been killed. No press was allowed.
The room overlooked the pit of Ground Zero. The officer made it clear to Danny that if anyone was in the room that he should only take a few images and respect the privacy of the loved ones in mourning.
No one was there when Danny arrived, and he was able to photograph Ground Zero for over 2 hours. Twenty minutes after he had started photographing, the officer told him that they just found a body and were minutes away from removing the remains. A flag-draped gurney was led between two lines of rescue personnel who saluted in respect while an ambulance waited nearby. At that moment Danny felt on a very small scale of what it must have been like to be a New Yorker on September 11, 2001
“In the Round” at Fresno City Hall will showcase many images from Danny’s trip to New York City as well as his incredible images of some of the biggest names in music. Some performers that Danny will feature will be Madonna, Britney Spears, Rolling Stones, KISS, The Who, Keith Urban, Neil Diamond, Sarah Mclachlan, Van Halen, Justin Timberlake, Eagles, George Lopez, Black Eyed Peas, Alan Jackson, and George Strait with many others.
Please join Danny and friends for the ArtHop reception on December 2nd at Fresno City Hall between 5pm to pm. The show “In the Round” will last for the entire month of December at Fresno City Hall.

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