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One of the perks I get to enjoy with my job is getting to know people in the Art Industry. I have always been fascinated with art when I was a kid. I got to know a lot of people here in FresnoArts that are all inspiring and very much willing to make my job easier for me. All of the artists I got the privilege to interview were all very supportive and very eager in giving me details that helped me create amazing artist profiles. So far, I have created profiles for the following amazing people, all in order of publication and interview:

SIN (really an amazing woman, does not fear baring her soul to anyone who has the heart to listen)
Debra Cooper Havens
Christina Martinez
Art Zocalo

So far, they are the ones whose artist profiles are live for viewing at the upcoming curated portion of The following people, I have interviewed via email but have yet to publish respective artist profiles.

Stephen Lynch (audio still under transcription)

Martin Nunez (a really generous artist, and it shows in his photographs)
Elaine Callahan

I have yet to hear from other artists that I have contacted. The next interviews will be done through email or chat instead as technical issues are preventing me from calling artists and make a decent telephone conversation.

To all artists that I have interviewed, thank you for the wonderful response. I appreciate your efforts in helping me create an artist profile that fits your personality, something that I will never forget.

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Comment by Art Zocalo on October 28, 2010 at 8:12am
Keep up the good work!

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