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The Fresno Swede Festival (Swede Fest) was dreamed up as a creative way to engage the Fresno metro area in the arts. The great thing about making a swede is that you don't need anything but a camera and some enthusiasm!

You might be asking, what IS a swede? It's a person from Sweden. But it's also a summarized recreation of your favorite Hollywood movie, starring you! The term comes from Michel Gondry's 2008 film "Be Kind Rewind."

We're trying to introduce people (kids and adults) to the wondrous world of filmmaking in an easy and accessible way. Don't worry about your swede looking or sounding top-notch, just have some fun with your friends or family. Use a cell phone camera, use that old VHS camera that's been sitting in the garage. Make your swede and then we'll all get together and see what we've created!

Swede Fest 4 is happening Saturday, November 7 at Starline at 5pm. The event is free. Visit for more information.

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