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What would you like the Fresno Arts Council to do for you?

As we prepare for our annual "Strategic Planning" session, the Fresno Arts Council would like to hear from you. Our goal is to give a voice to Central San Joaquin Valley artists, arts organizations and individuals interested in the arts . It's mission is to “enrich peoples lives through the arts.” It's purpose is to foster an arts community that recognizes and honors the contributions of its citizens to the arts; advocate to city, county, state and national institutions on issues of concern to valley artists; collaborate with community leaders, businesses, corporations, foundations and other arts organizations to bring artists and audiences together.

The FAC Strategic Plan incorporates:
1. Strengthening the Cultural Sector
2. Promoting Arts/Cultural Education
3. Building Awareness and Audiences
4. Promoting Public Art
5. Addressing Social Issues

FAC Projects range from:
RE-GRANTING A-to-Z funds each year
ART HOP promotion
PUBLIC ART (City & County Designation)
Monthly City Hall EXHIBITIONS
County of Fresno Website BANNER Artwork
ART EDUCATION Partnerships
SOCIAL SERVICE projects& Exhibitions
ECONOMIC Development projects
TECHNICAL Assistance workshops

FAC's Future plans:
Strengthen OUTREACH Programs to Rural Communities
Search & Develop funding for RE-GRANTING
COUNSEL artists via workshops and guest speakers (Professionalism, funding, studio space)
Provide monthly WORKSHOPS for FAC member collaborations and grant writing
Provide Weekly UPDATE & progress report postings
Seek HEALTH INSURANCE programs for artists

Arts in Education
Arts in Cultural Tourism
Arts in Community Development (& Festivals?)
Arts in Transportation (Roadside Signage?)
Arts in City Development
Arts in Rural Development

This is YOUR Community! In order to serve you better, the FAC would like your input! Your suggestions will not go unnoticed. We have some wonderful organizations out there who are doing an excellent job representing and promoting the arts. Can we help you in any way? Thank you.

And, thank you, Victor, for developing such a critical website for this communication,
Carol Hartman,
Executive Director, Fresno Arts Council

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Comment by Carol Hartman on May 28, 2009 at 10:04am
Wow, such great energy in the Fresno arts community. Love the working with children ...keep in touch. As for the "Chalk the Walk" in Visalia, it would be great if someone from Fresno could participate ... representing artists from FAC of course! Anyone out there want to get involved? It also sounds like you all may be able to help put together a similar "Chalk Art" project/festival for Fresno as well.

I will be out of town until June 25th (except for the RevFest - Downtown Mall motorcycle parade this Friday 5:30 (tomorrow). Your comments are VERY much appreciated. This gives us so many ideas on future developments in order to service our community. Thank you.

There are lots of other opportunities on the Fulton Mall as well (and lots of empty buildings with great work/exhibition spaces), and a very active Downtown Assoc. to support activities. Check it out, as well as the Downtown Assoc. listing of the Public Sculptures on the Mall. It's a great walk! We need to continue to support each other's activities. The Arts in Fresno Rocks!

PS-Did you know that statistics from the Cultural Data Project tells us that for every dollar donated to the arts in Fresno, $7 is generated from that donation as a return to the community!
Comment by Melanie Fountain on May 27, 2009 at 10:30am
Carol - just combine all my comments into one...that would probably work best.

One more thing I meant to add - I will give a square to FAC to paint at the Chalk the Walk event in Visalia, no charge. It will help tie the Chalk the Walk event and the FAC support of community art interests together. Let me know if you want one.
Comment by Melanie Fountain on May 27, 2009 at 10:14am

I have begun organizing sidewalk art events. My first event in being held in conjunction with Huff Art Center's 3rd annual Art in the Park, June 13th at Recreation Park. I would love to organize a sidewalk art event in Fresno!! I have already begun conversations with several orgaizations to allow me to host the event at their location.

Right now my events are small and unknown, but as time passes and the word gets around, they will become bigger and better events.

Sqaures are $20.00 each, supplies included. The best part of an event like this...the kids...on their hands and knees...creating art for the world to see. Their faces make all the prework more than worth it. Come on out, get a square, join in the fun, and watch the kids faces.

100% of the profits of my Visalia event will go to benefit the Huff Art Center's community art projects. I make no money doing this...but it is SOOOO WORTH IT!!!

As for artist for kids art...I agree!!

I would like to plan an art exhibit for junior high and high school age children. I would like it to be a juried event and the top three pieces get press time...or get to hang in the FAM for a while...or get to hang at City Hall...or some type of public recognition for these kids art. Foster the art interests in the child and you foster goodness in their hearts.

Just my two cents...
Comment by SIN on May 25, 2009 at 10:42pm
I know, I just wanted you to see that. What we did, is we went to the school, pre arranged of course, had assembly style presentations with the kids. We read them a story, talked to them about art, had live music, answered question, etc... It could be that simple or more extreme. The kids loved it and we had a great time. All the members of The Crystal Show website are willing to work with the kids. The musicians sing kid friendly guitars, and the kids are so excited to watch the guitars and such. It is really a wonderful way to use the arts and teach the kids. Fun and informative.
Comment by Carol Hartman on May 25, 2009 at 10:36pm
Cynthia ... your work is very touching. you express so much in it. Must be wonderful for children to work with you in expressing their feelings as well. I did not post it, NOT because I did not approve of it, just because I want to keep this site for FAC Strategic Plan discussions. Keep up your good work!
Comment by Carol Hartman on May 25, 2009 at 10:30pm
Didn't have time to check website, but will ASAP. I would also like that tour of Vasa, but will have to wait until July. I have busy week, then workshops in SF, then Seattle, then finally home by june 25th.
And, yes, Chris Sorensen would probably be interested in doing something with us. He is such a kind man! Either his building, or we look at buildings that were supposed to be part of the Forestville Project near the Baseball Field, now sitting empty with no plans. Nicer buildings and closer to Downtown area. May be able to incorporate a coffee shop and an exhibition space with it as well ... Fresno Contemporary! Suppose we could get Rezzi in on it? And, we have builders, investors, and architectural planners on our Board. We could possibly even get a partnership with the university (graduate studio spaces), but we need to find the funding from outside the university.
Such good ideas ... very exciting!
Comment by SIN on May 25, 2009 at 10:18pm
Jessie and Carol, great idea! You are speaking about our studio, right Jessie? The Sorensen Gallery.
@ Jessie, Carol is also there, here space is accross from mine. On the wall where the canvas is stored.
We could make that work. @ Carol, Vasa is a school of the arts, Valley Arts and Science Acadamy. It is a great school. I would love to take you on a tour there. Want to? I have a big place in my heart for the kids too. My children love art, like me, and it has helped them greatly to cope with the facts of life. Thier dad is a drug addict, in prison and art has been our saving grace. I want to start a new drug awareness campaign using The Crystal Show as a base. Did you check out the website? Get High On Art, Not Drugs.
Comment by Carol Hartman on May 25, 2009 at 9:59pm
Wow, you're right on it! I was hoping we could find someone to provide studio space for artists, and maybe performance practice areas. We would need to find grant monies to fix it up, but if we had a building,it would be a start! What would you guess are the number of artists in Fresno that need studio space? BIG, I would bet! We would need to do a cost analysis, show needs and solutions and costs and benefits to the community. This would be a fun project.
Comment by Carol Hartman on May 25, 2009 at 9:17pm
Cynthia ... where's Vasa and what did you do there?
Comment by Carol Hartman on May 25, 2009 at 9:09pm
I absolutely love the sidewalk art. Diego Monterrubio (sp) sent me a few files on it ... what great stuff! Even Santa Barbara does it in front of the Mission each summer. With organizational help from some of you, I believe it would truly be a great event, especially on the Mall. We will bring it up at the meetings. I would bet that the Downtown Assoc. would pitch in as well. Creative Fresno is also a big contributor for things like this.

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