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The coffee shop,

 only a hop skip and a dance down the fountain lined road,

always waits for me.

I listen to the mermaid song as I geisha step in the unexpected summer rain.

Plugged into my phone

and the day dreams reflected in the fountain pools.

The smiles come so easily

And I dance wildly

in my head.

 The serious men in suits

let my  laughter

make them high as I walk by.

They want to watch

me walk - dance, they nod their heads, open doors

and buy

the morning


Here she is.

The blond Smokey Eyed barista.

She always shares a secret smile with me.

I appreciate the attention of the downtown club on those low empty shallow days,

and blush on the days I feel more like the self I strive to be.

Tomorrow morning I will make sure to set the curtain of curly hair

to the left side of my face.

The paralyzed side.

I will try not to look

at that side in the mirror.

By break time I will have forgotten

that the eye looks funny

and the smile is crooked.

Sade is singing,

My hair falls on my shoulders with the feel of ostrich feathers.

“He likes my hair”, I feel warm at the thought.

On my phone the music reminds me of

true beauty.

Walking in

the aroma overtakes me

and I smile

at the serious gentlemen in suits.

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Comment by Aideed Medina on August 30, 2012 at 12:55pm


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