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Just a little reminder that all artists are welcome on my online TV show....aired also on digital TV 33.1

I try to book a few weeks out, and like my guests to have a timely spot to their event. So whether it's your first arthop showing, or a reception or event later on in the month, please feel free to hit me up.

My arthop episode is always the last Friday of the can bring images or short video clips to share, plus online watchers can chat in and ask questions. My guests have ranged from Mastro Ted Kuchar from the Philharmonic to Slam Poets to Authors to Artists of all type, even some musical artists.

If you're shy, make sure you send me an invtation or press release. If you're new to getting publicity, please include the following:

Artist(s) Name:

Show Name:

Venue Name:

Venue Location:



Entry or Participation Fee:

As for the description, please be descriptive:) Don't say "a great place for a good time", say what it is "The first exhibit for two new watercolor artists". For practice at this, write a paragraph, then sum it up in three sentences, then sum it up to one sentence, if you can.

I am also always looking for sponsors, either long term or short term. We'll even make you a commercial!

Please note that I also work at KFCF 88.1 (radio station) and that we do run a calendar for non-profit events ABSOLUTELY FREE, so make sure I get your Press Release there as well

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Comment by Martin Nunez on April 10, 2010 at 8:33am
Hi Rebecca please visit my side here I send you a link. I am scheduled for showing at The Center Bridging Body, Mind and Spirit on April 15, thank you!

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