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California geology, fauna, flora and climate.

California Geology, Fauna and Flora and Climate.

Let me pretend
you are not so near.
On this side of the hemisphere.
On my continent.
So close to me,
my thoughts 
travel along the fault line,
to the edge of the ocean canyon of the bay,
in seconds.
I look behind the fog
where the roads
are lined with hills of strawberries
that give way to evergreens.
So close to where my first heart beats were heard
by the sand dunes,
the artichokes,
and the salmon that swam right up to my father’s fishing pole, 
when we were hungry.
All the way to where the morning air tastes of sea salt.
This is a caress from my valley,
in the heart of Califas.
Sun baked May through October.
Shut away from the warmth of the sun
December through February.
Our weather is always at odds.
Two sides of a mountain.
My heart ,
longing for the ocean,
I put my hand on the ground and cause a quake at your feet.
I am your California girl.
I am native to this land.
I belong here as much as the flame loving chaparral
and I can be just as quick to burn 
when the winds ignite around me.
Tu y yo
mi vida, 
We are so close.

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