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I am fearless,

you call it careless.

I am going to stay

without your caress,

which would at this moment


serve to stop my

never ending march

to that some where

I am heading to.


Mi alma se esta abriendo,

mis sueños y mis palabras corriendo ,

como un rio descontrolado.


My voice is  sounding off like brass notes.

I am growing in stature,

sitting in the chair across the table,

your eyes down on the floor

and I am shelling off whatever the fuck was holding me back

holding me down

I am still connected to this sacred ground.

My steps are getting louder with each word.

blooming boldly,

peacock feathers and dahlia petals unfurling open

to the sun

and you

want to stay in the shadows

but I cannot quiet down,

I can no longer pretend you are too cool to walk with me,

you are afraid to say

you don't want me,

you are afraid to say

you do want me.

I am supposed to be coy and demure to be beautiful

but their is nothing coy and demure about the truth of things.

The truth is plain, awkward and messy

and I have never been much of a picture perfect anything

except for this

bad ass picture perfect


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