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 There are many seasons in a person’s life. We go through changes of a metamorphism, that takes place and the beauty that flow from the heart.  God has placed  a purpose for each and every one of us. Many people forget that there is more transitional flow. Let go of the things that were never meant to be and allow that the one who love's us will  set us free, from yesterdays sorrows. God understands the need of wanting a companion. If that love is meant to be it will take transition at the right moment and time.It will start over from when we first met. A new introduction of who we were meant to be. God is drawing out the things that were always there and sweeping away the dust that was trying to keep us hidden. That negative lie that tries to get in the way and destroy the inner peace, From the voice that draws  us near we are his  children, he guides us with a protective rod and staff. That will spike the head of our enemies. Who try to do us harm.

 I pray for a companion as gentle and kind as you Lord and with the understanding I am his wife to be. I do not know this man or what his face looks like but when I come across him God, you will point him out, to me. Guide us both to a new light of living. We will work together and partner with each other. I thank you for my future husband and can’t wait to meet him someday. Allow my time with you Lord to never forget you are my first love and that my husband to be will both submit to thee. A prayer of seasons is soon to be. Thanking you Lord for I will cling to thee, until the transition is made to join another in flesh.With new hopes and dreams.  Thank you Lord. for your promises. Your glory shines all over. a letter to my father.

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