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The color pencil is often ignored or disregarded as a true art form. These small pieces of wood and pigments have come a long way from the school geography pencils. True art pigments are held in a wax or oil base and many companies are addressing and fixing the light-fast problems of old.
Support is as important as the pencil. Acid free, archival papers, vellums, drafting films, pastel boards and even smooth woods are used by many cp artists. Under paintings of water colors, watercolor pencils or even acrylics have been used, but many artists use only the pencil itself to render wonderful works of art.
Many effects are possible with the pencil. Shiny metallics and distorted glass; velvety petals and rough bark; glowing candlelight and bright sunlight- endless possibilities with the pencil.
The reason I love to work with the pencil is several-fold: Being semi-disabled, I need the freedom to work from a table or easy-chair without the mess of liquids. But I also gain the freedom to render pieces outdoors, while traveling, in a book store/coffee shop or just sitting in my garden. Another reason for my passion are the details. I can get the smallest detail on a flower petal or a far away building. It is fun to layer colors, then blend them together to form new colors. Burnishing gives a 'painterly' look as colors seem to melt together, giving the piece a sense of depthness.
Whether called drawings or paintings, the color pencil is worthy to be considered part of the art world.
Drop by my page and check out my album as I continue to add pieces I have rendered.

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Comment by Kathy Ritscher on August 3, 2008 at 1:33pm
Thanks Linda. ALL of my slide show pieces are color pencil. Most of those pieces on the slide show are 11x14" to 16x20"
I do pieces as small as 5x7" and have a larger piece in the planning stage, 20x30". I have done color pencil on wood and vellum and am working on several on canvas fabric right now. Color pencils have fewer limits than people think. Some pieces are even varnished, so they don't need to be behind glass.
Comment by Linda Starr on August 3, 2008 at 8:40am
was reading with interest your post about colored pencils and remembered I used to use colored pencils when I was very young and then sadly left it behind. I found some colored pencils in a storage box recently and thought about them again.

I was relooking at your slide show and wondering if some of those you have posted are colored pencil? Computer monitors just don't do justice to your art work. I just love the subtle shading and muted colors of pencils. I will have to check out your website.
Comment by Victoria Cochran on July 25, 2008 at 4:31pm
Thank you for this. I love colored pencils...oh my and I'm just reading Kathryn's post, too and was thinking nearly the same thing. My drawings look like children's illustration and so, I've never quite taken them seriously. Now, I've got something to think about. Good post Kathy, thank you.
Comment by Kathryn Pedroza on July 25, 2008 at 3:30pm
Wow! We really are on the same page about art! I love color pencil and agree about the detail. I love to build up the color to a point they start to blend like paint! For so long I thought my children's illustrations were art but not "Art". When I would display my work I always thought I had to show paintings to really be respected as an artist, but know that its not true. I think it will come around and really be respected, we just have to show more of it!
Great post and great work!

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