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I'm not good at blogging, but here goes. Maybe I'll actually have something worth sharing! lol
Who am I? (This first one will be a little long-winded, sorry in advance!)
First off, I am an artist. Born in a family of artists, I can't remember a time without art. I have always have been creative and I bring that into every aspect of my life. Whether it be gardening, running a house, raising children, working at jobs that I have had or any aspect of my life.
I've been married for almost 32 years to the same guy! We have 4 children, all of which I have homeschooled at least part of their educated lives. Homeschool is great for being creative! Creating their lessons. Cooking up dinners or science projects. Working art into many areas of classes. The freedom to take a class on a walk to explore nature, or on a trip with culture, art, science and nature as our destinations. Everything we did was creative. They furished in that environment!
At the beginning, I was an organic, healthy, homemade, whole grained Mom. Baking, canning, sewing, building projects from scratch, raising farm animals. We did everything at home.
Then I had to join the work force for economic survival. Starting slowly in at a nearby resort, part time, I ended up before leaving, full time and very busy.
At that job I had had many hats to wear. I learned bar tending, receptionist, group service planning and manager on duty responsibilities. I was working in 'program'. That is a creative way to say I did almost anything! Outdoor Ed classes with tie-dying tee-shirts, Family weekends with scavenger hunts and Senior tours were anything could happen. Those tours started with us 'holding up' their buses dressed as the outlaw Dalton Gang. I worked their happy hours, park bus tours and evening programs including mock casino, game shows, Bingo and 'Vaudeville' and 'Broadway' shows. The summers were assigned to children's camps and the multitude of things to do for the camps. I was the Yearbook editor, one of the photographers and even was their piano player for their play productions for a couple of years.
Finally, after 9 years working at that resort, due to health issues I had to leave. Because of fibromyalgia, sciatica and arthritis, I had to quit work. Slowly, my body didn't want to work or move much anymore. BUT I AM NOT A QUITER! I did the doctor thing; pain meds. Doctor visits and surgeries. But that was not the route for me. I quit the meds, and when all is said and done, I don't feel much different with or without them. Doctors have a need to give you something to help. The old adage- 'Take an aspirin and call me in the morning' is very true. So I spent several years getting more sore, painful, hiding at home and unable to move much.
But, again, I AM NOT A QUITER! I slowly started to do more household stuff, got back into the garden which I really love and decided to get more into my art again after neglecting it for many years. I took up where I left off with acrylics, watercolors and craft projects. Then I found Color Pencils. This is a media that I can handle easily, take anywhere, draw anywhere! What is more, this is a true art media. Not the pencils from school days, on regular papers. But actual pigment, archival, oil and wax based true colored sticks of great art inspirations! Creating wonderful pieces on archival art papers, vellums, art boards and even wood. Now my art is flowing again, more than ever!
Florals are my main subject, but I also do historical architecture, art nouveau and still life.
Now if I can get myself to follow through, I'll get into my ventures of the color pencils and why I love them so much. Hopefully, until next time.

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