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Reasons Every Artist Should Have a Flickr

Good morning :)

I've got just a few minutes to get started, busy day ahead, but I thought I could begin now and come back to it later.

I recently asked Rattananan if she had a flickr account and she asked me WHY she should have one. I like the question, because with all the things you CAN do on the net, it's important to sort out and focus upon what you really SHOULD do to meet your goals. So, I'll start with some simple reasons and come back with the more essential, later today...and tomorrow...and the next day?

First, I'd like to answer the protection question. If you're working in images, how do you make sure others aren't downloading and printing out your work? The obvious, for many, is including a digital watermark on each image. Unless this is done well, however, it ends up diminishing the impact of the image. Another way to address the issue, and the one I use when I have concern, is simply to save the image at no more than 100dpi. Unless someone has a very high end monitor, most screens only need 72dpi in resolution to project an adequate image. An adequate printed image requires at least 300dpi. It's very difficult, if not impossible, to do something significant, in the way of reproduction, with an image at 100dpi (just try printing out a 4x6 photograph at that resolution and you'll see what I mean).

Additionally, what many may not realize is that your work is already showing up on flickr, the result of appreciative ArtHop visitors who DO have flickr accounts. The loss to you is that many people are looking at your work, but do not know it belongs to you or how to contact you. You are missing out on an opportunity to comment on your own work and connect yourself to your creation, in the minds of the public and potential clients. This is a link to a search on flickr using the words Fresno Art Hop It returns 190 images, many of which have no descriptive commentary nor anything to indicate who is the creator of the pictured work.

A basic flickr account is FREE. A virtually unlimited account is (drum roll)... $24.95 a year. I have the second option; it's worth it.

Having addressed those concerns, on to the reasons!

1. A gallery of your work that can be accessed anywhere, any time.

This is your own gallery, in your own words, 24/7. Someone has seen one example of your work at a show? Send them to flickr to see more. Email family, friends, clients, and galleries when you post new work. Organize your work into sets and send out the slideshow link (this is automatic, you don't have to do any work) --wow 'em! Tell people about your work in your own words. Invite people who own a piece to comment on why they love it and why they acquire your work. Invite them into your studio: create video of your process, upload it, and send a link.

If, god forbid, your home burns down, email the link to your insurance agent.

2. Get double and triple bang for your effort.

Flickr has RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication): that little orange icon. Here on FresnoArts, you can add your flickr RSS to the left column, as I've done on my page, just below 'My Discussions'. Every time I update my flickr, I've also updated my FresnoArts page, and my Facebook page, and one of my blogs, and my FriendFeed and.....with my most current work.

Your FresnoArts page reaches one audience. With flickr and RSS, you can extend your reach to multiple audiences, throughout California, the US, and the world, with one upload instead of many.

Coming up next: Positive Cross Linking

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Comment by Victoria Cochran on November 3, 2008 at 1:49pm
Hi Christina,

Flickr is not really a blog site, but an image archive on which you and others can comment. It's a way to enhance your blogs and a way to put your images online, without having to be concerned with maintaining a website for them.

Here's mine:http://
Check out the collections to the right. The ability to organize my work is one thing I really appreciate. Also look in my Profile (link is last one to the right of my profile pic)--contacts, groups (for networking, sharing [ ] and promoting what you do).

These are the things flickr offers, in addition to being able to import your images to blogs via RSS and Slideshow [ ].
Comment by Christina R Martinez on November 2, 2008 at 11:32pm
Hello Victoria, Thank you for that information.

I just singed up with Fresno Arts and am a very new artist. Your post here has me thinking. I wonder, does it matter or make a difference if your blog is Flicker? I use a Xanga account. Most people I am finding are not as familiar with Xanga as with Flicker or blogspot. But I have noticed alot of art related blogs on those sites. Do you think it matters? I have linked the RSS feed to my page, and to facebook. But I keep having this nagging thought that I should be using a flicker type account, as thats what the "others" are using.
Comment by Victoria Cochran on August 4, 2008 at 7:51am
Cool! Thank you... I feel like I'm back in the classroom with audio-visual backup! Maybe there should be a "Help Library" somewhere here on FresnoArts...add this to it! (ya, I know, one MORE thing ;P )
Comment by Victor Ramayrat on August 3, 2008 at 10:05pm
Here's a video explanation of Online Photo Sharing (like Flickr) produced by Common Craft.

Comment by Rattananan Karninsee on July 24, 2008 at 9:56am
Thank you Victoria, very nice suggestion.I will start to do it.
Comment by Victor Ramayrat on July 24, 2008 at 9:00am
Great post Victoria. I would also want to add how valuable it is to edit your profile page here at FresnoArts. This website has grown as far as content which also makes it highly relevant to search engines. If you need to do some search engine optimization for your artwork or yourself (you as a brand), keep posting here (like Victoria) and your contents will get you up the search results.

Want proof? Google the keywords: "Lisa Kao" or "Victoria Cochran fresno".

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