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I found out about this yoga retreat through a MindHub posting (from Randy Fresno):

"A couple of weeks ago, I met two tabla players who had come to town
from the Berkeley and Los Angeles areas. These two had individually
toured Europe and been trained by some of the world's BEST players.

They had come to Fresno to perform at a FREE Sahaja Yoga meditation
meeting on the Fresno State campus where the number of people in
attendance was LESS THAN TWENTY.

They told me that the organizers of the event drove in from NorCal
and SoCal, and this style of yoga was created by a woman who was a
spiritual advisor to the Mahatma Gandhi.

100% world class.

As we talked about the low attendance, a girl within an earshot (who
had apparently been listening in) mentioned that "Fresno is a
cow-town" and that you "can't get people to go to a 'yoga thing' on a

I was pleasantly surprised when one of the players answered, (with a
large grin) "I think we just need to let more people know next time."
There was no fluffy "rah-rah-go-Fresno" necessary.

The organizers are hosting several more FREE meditation meetings,
including one at Yosemite National Park on July 19th. The price for
the Yosemite gig -- a WHOLE WHOPPING $21!

TWENTY-ONE DOLLARS for a meditation trip to Yosemite?! How can I not
pass the word along?!?
(559) 272-0707

Tell anyone and EVERYONE that you know who might be interested in
this sort of event. FREE parking on campus, no tickets are given out
on the weekends, park in ANY LOT. No parking permit necessary.
Furthermore, the event is FREE! "


Read more about Sahaja Yoga and how it transforms artists' perspective through self-realization. The website is at:

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Comment by Chaz Russ on July 11, 2008 at 8:38am
Dr. Chugh contacted me about this event and I have a flier up at the studio. I will say that Fresno is new to the whole yoga thing. Luckily, more and more people are realizing that it is the best thing for you and isn't scary.

This would be a good place to mention that Coil Yoga down in the Tower is doing a yoga and creative writing workshop.
It sounds interesting. We once did a yoga/poetry workshop. It was a blast! Yoga and the arts blend very well together.

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