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Have not got the energy to prep yesterday's photos, yet, but nevertheless, my thoughts are bubbling...

We have a "Blossom Trail."

I found the public art catalogue page, on this site. Will we have a "Fresno Art Trail" sometime in the future? Or, many of them?

Gas isn't friendly, but some of these public installations are within walking, others within biking distance of each other....I can imagine official trails, with directional signs and even maps, to accompany. Trails that end at a lunch or pub venue would be my kinda thing (with bicycle racks, please!).

...probably a tourist grabber, too.

Does it exist or do we still have to make it? Is it on somebody's planning board, already?


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Comment by Victoria Cochran on August 1, 2008 at 1:01pm

I haven't see the ones on Belmont near Maroa & Dakota, perhaps because I didn't know they were there to be seen? If you can find them and snap a shot, why not blog 'em? I'd be very interested. Are they all by one person? How did they come to be there? Who "owns" them now? Are they being cared for?

Mentioning Fulton tweaks me! Fulton still has its art but I see a problem with installation. Many are in areas people use "to get from here to there," rather than being in transitional areas, where people naturally pause; it's easy to pass them by. "Festus," in Clovis was moved from near the public restrooms (where he had some appearance of lurking in the shrubbery), to a low-fenced area that extends into the sidewalk, at a cross walk, near a bank entrance way. It's a place people naturally pause and the number who stop to read the legend and regard the statue, now, is notable. In my opinion, more thought needs to be given to the art of installation, as things move forward.
Comment by Kathy Ritscher on August 1, 2008 at 11:08am
I love the idea of an Art Trail. Fresno has one sort of on the mosaics on the freeway.
I remember a large arrow looking like it was shot into the ground from? the green giant? that one was on Belmont Ave near Bethel. Don't know if it is still there. Will check it out next time I go by. Another one was in old Fig Garden near Maroa and Dakota. It was a large pencil, maybe more than one in someone's yard.
The Art Trail needs to incorporate some galleries in the trail so smaller, inside art can be included.
If/when fulton mall every gets revitalized, there were some great pieces there, are they still?
Comment by Victoria Cochran on July 10, 2008 at 8:20am
Yes, let's plan one. James' suggested location? I think we could use the crosswalks and corners as an aid in planning/choreography (and avoiding crashes! ;P ). Youngest is nuts about it--just discovered flash mobs by reading over my shoulder and can't get enough of them (YouTube hunting, she is). BTW, I get to tack on a brag...she got first in her Div, 4miles, at the 4th of July run @ Woodward...neener neener! :)) Her first four mile race.
Comment by Victor Ramayrat on July 8, 2008 at 7:37am
Ok... I know of some flash mob that have happened in Fresno coordinated through Fresno Famous. Should we plan one here?
Comment by Victoria Cochran on July 8, 2008 at 5:48am
My youngest reads over my shoulder at times and loved this one...she's already scheming on her own! (This is one thing I love about the net, the ability to have intergenerational conversations with visual aids--you'd never believe the people she's come home and asked about and the YouTube footage we've shared, as a result.)

I think I can walz...if I can't, I can pretend. Keep me updated?
Comment by James Gathright on July 3, 2008 at 10:43pm
I like it. I saw a great piece on public art on Current TV and went to their site to try to find it and share, but I found this instead. What if we did something like this during arthop? (paste the link)

Maybe not so organized, but say I promise to have a boombox in front of the Bus Barn at exactly 6:30 pm on the next hop - August 7, I think. And it's a waltz, and we get 30 people to waltz for two minutes in the street. Fresno's never seen a flash mob materialize out of thin air, as far as I know. Anybody up for it? You'll have to learn to waltz, but it's the easiest dance I can think of. That might just energize arthop beyond its normal state.
Comment by Victoria Cochran on July 3, 2008 at 9:27pm
That sounds great...especially the map. I'll be looking forward to it!
Comment by Victor Ramayrat on July 3, 2008 at 9:00am
Public art is very important to the FAC (and my own personal) agenda. It will be the most awesome feature for our online community to create such an Art trail. If we get enough participants to contribute photos with description and location, I will create a separate feature page here and place an interactive map as well... I'm on board...

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