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Pardon the pun. I couldn't help it.

Yesterday, the server just didn't like my uploads, no matter the flavor. Reminded me of teaching my kids how to eat from a spoon... you get the picture. (I will not write at length about the fact that the cooler belt on the AC also broke yesterday.) These last two sculptures are by Chris Sorensen and Bob Gifford. The first stands in the drive of a private residence. Casually placed, it really pulls for a double-take. There's something natural about the posture and the alert pose, as if the llama has just spotted you, a moment before you spotted

I've included this close up because I really like the surface texture. Almost woolly, but unique. It looks like a cast piece (I'm finding out later today exactly how this one was joined!).

In the back yard of the same residence. Bob Gifford's metal peacock sculpture. Metal work, the body feathers look light as the real item. The texture and colors aren't really captured all that well in this photo and I may have to go back. The setting, however, is lovely--casual and natural. The bird is perfectly suited to its quiet spot by the swing. You'd never guess this was his first piece of work.

Alrighty, until I'm awakened once again in the dim hours of the morning and transported from one end of Fresno County to the other, that concludes this edition of Chris Sorensen & Bob Gifford's public (and semi-public) installments.

As always, most images here are linked to a larger version, if you'd like a closer view.

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