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I think I enjoy doing this in short bites. If anyone happens to visit any of the works I'm posting, please do comment here and even include your picture of the same? That would be great! So, with that said, on to a few more works around the region. This metal sculpture by Chris Sorensen is in the back yard of the same home where you'll find Bob's door, in the last post. It was interesting for me to see the texture of the tree repeated on the wall behind it! (Click on any image in this posting for the full-size view.) The tree is a natural fit, a very nice setting. Its "tree-ness" has increased in its new home...with the addition of ornaments!
Many people will recognize this piece but may not know it is also Chris' work. It stands at the entrance to St. Agnes Hospital, on Herndon. While it might seem to face the world, it has a quiet presence next to the building and can be seen through a wall of windows, from the hallway, inside.

Just inside is a circular mezzanine. A stained glass work by Corky Normart (recently featured in the Fresno Bee) hangs from the ceiling above and extends into the floor below. The glass windows let in a lot of light and this piece seems to capture it all.
Are artists their own public art, portable installations of ideas and projects to come? This is a portrait of Bob, standing in his medium. That balcony might be familiar to a few. With all of the new, some of the old ends up in unusual places. No worries, though. If metal sculptors have their way, this will grace Fresno's public places again, in its next life.
On a mischievous note...that's all folks!

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Comment by Kathy Ritscher on August 1, 2008 at 10:56am
Thanks for sharing all of this art.
And the last one should's all folks! Right? hehe

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