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Most of my art is color pencil, but sometimes I like to 'play' in Photoshop. My avatar is one example of that play. I scan in my art and save in Photoshop. After resizing I will add elements from pieces of that art to create a new piece. Take a photo or a scan, and play with the computer. You may be surprised at what you will get. For my avatar, I used a white iris drawing:

I rotated the iris, and made water swirls and reflections by layering parts of the iris and liquifying the layers. Then I added a section of a photo of me. I took just the eyes and feathered off the rest of me, worked the colors to the main piece and several layers later, here is my avatar. The piece is called 'Iris Reflections'- Iris flower and Iris of my eyes:

Another piece started as a pink tiger lily:

This one was many layers of swirls to create the water and the reflections. The piece is called 'Pink Lily Reflections':

One hint- don't forget to merge the layers if you want to print it. The file can get very large. But if you want to keep the layers intact for future playing, save another file as layers. I guess the point of today is, you don't have to stop at the completion of an art piece. Sometimes, it can go further into another piece. Have fun, that is the main thing.

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Comment by Kathy Ritscher on August 5, 2008 at 12:29pm
Here are a couple more that I have done from my drawings. The first one is a large 16x20' drawing of the blue iris with a bow to art deco:

This is the Piece called 'Painted Lady Swirls'. I took the elements and created 'fog' and 'sky':

This piece is only 6x9" 'Geranium Leaves:

This is what I did with it. I layered the geranium leaves, swirled them into a creek of water, then added one leave on top with a shadow and reflection of that leave. Called 'Gersnium Leave on Water':

Having too much fun! ;-)

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