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Website fun- the ups and downs of learning and managing a site.

I spent the last three days updating my website. Still need more updating, but it is better and currant, at least, mostly.
It is amazing how little things can take so long to fix. I am working in 'Dreamweaver' and am no expert by far. I have the 'learn as you go' philosophy which makes it really fun when I need to figure out things.
I was trying to do a simple thing, but it took most of the day to figure it out. The very large book that goes with the software is very informative, but you need to know the name of the action you want to do to find anything!
I wanted a link from one page to open in another page, but part way down the page not at the top. Links?, no. Tags?, no. What is it!. FINALLY found what I wanted, anchors! ...... Whewwwwww........ And it WORKS! Yea!
So as I fumble through this tome of a book, I'll learn other nifty things to do in my website and let you know how and what I learned.
Last month I spent a full week trying to figure out why I couldn't get access to my site online, to upload. Checked and rechecked multiple times on every little dot, space, whatever the hang up was.
The problem started when I moved my management hosting from one account to a different one, same company so should be a breeze. I was consolidating and thought, making things simpler. Oh so I thought! So, the first account was expiring that day, the second account said it had the site, but no site on line! Check, double check. All is there, what is the hang up? Finally, after days of texting to the help line- who said I need to move the account, need to accept it or something like that- several times I asked. Same answer. I would go in to the new account and it was there, what is the problem? OH! Go into the OLD account and check it there! OH, OK. Now it works.
A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing! Especially in the hands of creative people!
My head hurts!

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Comment by Kathy Ritscher on August 13, 2008 at 10:38am
Thanks for the links and the advise.
I totally agree with having your own websites. They are not that hard to do. Especially if you read the instructions first, one of my downfalls. lol! And there are easier programs out there than I am using. Though Dreamweaver is not that hard for the simple tasks. Easy to learn if you have used photoshop or other like programs before.
And add links at your websites. You can link back to flickr, Myspace and other sites if you wish. And link back to FAC! Use one of the links provided by FAC. I did and it worked great!
A professional looking, personal website is a great tool. I have used it several times as my portfolio.

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