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It's been a great ride....

Hello everyone,

When I started over 5 years ago, I envisioned a connected community of artists in Central Valley where discussions and debate on how to make Fresno County thrive through the arts and culture industry.

Today, I would like to ask if someone (either an individual or organization) could take on the vision and shared responsibility with the Fresno Arts Council to operate and maintain this social network.  It's with deep sadness that I have to pass on…


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Hello FresnoArts community,

I hope everyone is doing well.  I apologize if I have not participated in our community for a while now as I've been busy building the next iteration of

I started a couple of years ago with one goal in mind:  to connect our community together through the ARTS.  We continue to achieve this goal through our social networking platform for the arts community ( AND through a shared audience…


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Hello everyone,

I hope all is well.  I am writing this to communicate to you some of the changes we've done here at and how it affects (or the way I think about it, improve) this self-serve marketing and communication platform.

For the past months or so, we've been very active in creating web applications to extend the features to help you with arts marketing.  For a while now, I've thought of a network of local blogs, e-communities, and/or websites that…


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Hello everyone,

I hope all is well and that you enjoyed your weekend.

I am writing to let you know that we are doing a soft-launch (alpha version) of the new platform tonight. Our team at Socient has been busy coding and producing for the past couple of months. The result of our work is the Fresno Interactive Network (FIN), a platform that allows users to have a single sign-on across all participating brands (which includes,,…


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A Super Update

Hello everyone, I hope all is well. We are getting ready for an exciting moment for the Fresno Arts Council and that will be the unveiling of the new corporate website + a revamp of our centralized events calendar for the arts in Fresno County. Now you might ask why we are sharing this information. We do mainly for two reasons: first, to update you (the arts community) that we as an organization are progressively improving especially in presenting local arts information (both our artists and… Continue

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Hello everyone, Here's the link to the

first year website statistics report (June 2008 - June 2009). Anyway, I thought it be nice to know that there are arts enthusiast visiting this website on a continuing basis and we are growing to be the de-facto marketing platform for the arts community. We are working on doing off-line promotions so expect the traffic to double next year. I… Continue

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The upcoming Fresno Arts Council website

Hello everyone,

We would like to let you know that we are working on the new Fresno Arts Council corporate website, which is at Our theme:


This theme resulted from hours of brainstorming, and the bulb lit up while I was taking a shower (eureka :). The premise is that artists contribute and give their work as a GIFT to the community. I understand how much of yourself you sacrifice to make our community a beautiful… Continue

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The Importance of the Arts

Here's a link to the pdf transcript of Josh Groban's testimony to the Senate about how the ARTS have given him refuge - not an escape - especially during troubled times.

Could you share your stories on a local level so we could show our city councilors and county supervisors how important and vital it is in having a thriving local Arts and Culture.

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Is there hope for Art as a main industry in Fresno?

I just read this news from Grand Rapids (courtesy of a connection through Twitter):

I am wondering: is there hope that something like this could happen in Fresno?

Once in a while, we read about the lady next door who's suddenly donating millions of dollars to her… Continue

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Chat is temporarily disabled

Unfortunately, many members have been getting grief on the way chat interacted with our screen space. So, for the mean time, until the chat module stabilizes a bit, we will have to do with blogs/forums/PM.

For many-to-many, real-time interactions, try


Community Host

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Contemporary Art Gallery in Ensenada, Mexico

Last month, I got the chance to meet the owner of a contemporary art gallery and cafe in Ensenada during a brief stop-over on a 3-day cruise. His name is Memo Ramirez and his gallery cafe is aptly called

Cafe Cafe. I would like to share a couple of photos I have with him and his family. Of all the shops we visited, it's comforting that there is at least one that mixes art with retail business, especially amidst the many… Continue

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Shameless plug for

Greetings to all of our dear member artists and arts enthusiasts. I know I have been kind of incognito lately, dropping in and out quite quickly... Well, I have to be honest that I was working on a pet project of mine; because I vowed to relaunch it already and take it off my back for a while.

Well that pet project is called - a career website that serves the employers here in Fresno County for posting jobs, career events, and… Continue

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Dining With Artists 2008

The Fresno Arts Council is honored to present our

4th Annual “Dining with the Artist ” event on Friday,

November 7 from 6-11 p.m. at the fabulous Downtown

Club located at 2120 Kern Street in downtown Fresno.

Please join us in honoring our outstanding local writers,

performers and visual artists that have made a

difference in the cultural wealth of our community.

Learn more about your Arts Community by hosting

an artist at your table. Enjoy a… Continue

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Nuit Blanche Fresno

I just came across this blog posting from CreativesDC:

"What do Paris, Toronto, Copenhagen, Madrid, Malta, Montreal, Sao Paulo, Lima, Santa Monica, Chicago, Miami Beach and six cities in the UK have in common? They all host an all night art and cultural festival known as Nuit Blanche (White Night), which lasts from sundown until sunrise on the first Saturday and Sunday in… Continue

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Call to Artist - A Great Resource

The "Call to Artist" category in our forum section serves as a great resource for all artists who are seeking to show their artwork or create pieces on commission. Recently we have the following opportunity posted:

"The Juvenile Justice Campus is seeking artists interested in producing art for their campus. This is a rare opportunity for artists to apply for this commission. A budget not to exceed $20,000 is allocated for an interior

mural, and a budget not to exceed $20,000 is… Continue

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Yoga and the Arts

I found out about this yoga retreat through a MindHub posting (from Randy Fresno):

"A couple of weeks ago, I met two tabla players who had come to town

from the Berkeley and Los Angeles areas. These two had individually

toured Europe and been trained by some of the world's BEST players.

They had come to Fresno to perform at a FREE Sahaja Yoga meditation

meeting on the Fresno State campus where the number of people… Continue

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Changes coming up...

Hello everyone... After experiencing a great "Fresno pride moment" with the FS Bulldogs winning the College World Series, I am back to work...

Our online community have been growing at a great pace... With that said, I would like to remind that we are still in "beta" status --- which means that our platform will "break" or "change" anytime. However, any changes would be for implementing incremental improvements in the usefulness of the website.

Within the next few weeks, I… Continue

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Arts Marketing and the FAC

The Fresno Arts Community is now over 100 members strong. Please continue to invite fellow artists and arts promoters to join (especially before Fall 2008 when membership to the Fresno Arts Council (FAC) will be required to join the community.)

I would like to blog about the project, the FAC, and marketing in general. The purpose of the project is to provide a centralized marketing and communication platform for artists and arts promoters. So far, after… Continue

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New Feature: Mail and Search

Hello everyone...

The Fresno Arts Community is growing. We have over 80 artists sign-up in only two weeks with over 500 e-mail invitations pending on the queue.

I would like to announce that I activated the mail and search feature. With growing content, the search function is a real time saver... And with mail, any member could now communicate to another member by clicking on "Send a Message" link right below the member's photo. I hope that both features will come in… Continue

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New Feature: Groups


I just activated a new feature called "Groups". Here's a couple of use cases for this feature:

1. A group could be created based on gallery affiliation. Suppose that artist A is a member of Gallery 11 and so does artist B, artist C, and so on. One of the artist could create a group called Gallery 11 and use FresnoArts to focus their discussions within the group.

2. Artist A is a veteran photographer, while artist B is a novice. Artist A could create a… Continue

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