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I need Your help

I am adding to my message of hope to survivors. Hope from you. I am looking for letters from breast cancer survivors. We all know of the horrors of breast cancer and I'm not discounting them at all. But out there there are wonderful stories about the first date after a mastectomy that scared you more than the surgery but came out wonderful. Or special people who helped support you through your ordeal, a daughter, a sister or your husband. Please share these stories with the people who need to… Continue

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Directors Name:

David Rosales and J P Christensen

The City Performing Arts Academy Biography:

The City Dance Company Established in 2003 ranges in ages from four to nineteen. They will perform 14 routines in all styles of dancing including ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, and hip hop at the five competitions at various venues across the state this year. Dance Co. is an intensive program for intermediate to advanced dancers who choose to take their dance training to a more… Continue

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DANCE XPRESS - November 7th


Mikeisha Tresevant

Dance Xpress Biography:

Dance Xpress is an organization on the Campus of California State University, Fresno. This Dance Team was founded in Fall of 2008 by Mikeisha Tresevant, to enhance the students attractions to life on campus at CSUF. This Dance team is special because it does not focus on one culture of Dance. We consider ourselves a team that performs according to the Event. For example, for Cinco De Mayo we performed a piece that… Continue

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HM DANCE - November 7th

Director’s Name:

Ms. Susan Vang

HmDance Biography:

Founded in 2007 in belief that Hmong Arts have a unique power to engage its youth and to motivate them towards excellence, HmDance provides the opportunity for Hmong dancers to actively engage themselves in choreography, fundraising, costume design and philanthropy.

In July 2009, HmDance entered and earned first place at the Fresno Annual Water Festival Hmong Dance Competition. Upon their first win, HmDance was… Continue

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Director's Name:

Wayne Hurley

Dance Empowerment Biography:

D.A.N.C.E. Empowerment Inc. is a non-profit organization that utilizes

Hip-Hop to keep kids in school, away from drugs, and away from the

gangs and violence. D.A.N.C.E. Empowerment has been in existence for

10 years and has done shows all over the central valley.

Contact Information:


2009 Central Valley Dance… Continue

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ON POINT - November 7th

Directors Name:

Philip Garvin and Yer Yang

On Point Biography:

On Point Dance started in December 2006, dancing out of a two car garage. It is now a family of all races and ages, from all walks of live, who learned to adapt and love one another to achieve a common goal. In finding ourselves as a dance family, we fell in love with funk music and culture and have centered our focus on the funk styles popping and locking, while implementing both styles into modern hip hop. On… Continue

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Directors Name:

Martha Kelly-Fierro

Altered Modalities Biography:

Hailed from our Central Valley, Martha Kelly-Fierro has traveled the country and abroad choreographing, instructing, and showcasing her contemporary dance company. Her unique style of dance was nurtured by assisting and touring with such world renown choreographers as Mia Michaels (So You Think You Can Dance), Keith Clifton (The Edge Dance Studio-Hollywood), and Jeff Amsden (A Few Good Men Dancin’-Broadway,… Continue

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Director's Name:

Katie Heugly

Kings Dance Center Biography:

Kings Dance Center is in its 25th Anniversary Season. KDC first opened its doors in Lemoore in 1985 and then expanded to Hanford in 2002. Owner/Director, Katie Heugly has been a part of Kings Dance Center since the beginning. First as a dancer, then as a teacher, and now director. Kings Dance Center offers a variety of dance styles including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Latin, Ballroom, Tumbling and… Continue

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University Dance Theater - November 7th

Director's Name:

Kenneth Balint

University Dance Theatre Biography:

Mr. Balint has worked professionally as a choreographer, dancer and dance educator throughout the US. He is currently an Associate Professor within the Theatre Arts Department at California State University, Fresno. His MFA is from Arizona State University where he was awarded the University Graduate Fellowship, the Regents Graduate Academic Fellowship and the Graduate Assistant Scholarship. He received his… Continue

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SUPPORT FOR DANCE - November 7th

Hello everyone...

This is a reminder that the Dance Festival is next Saturday November 7th. I am enclosing the program line-up of all the dancers, singers and musicians in the 2pm and 7pm show. Majority are non-profits and are available for community events as well so come on out and see their work.

If you have not purchased your tickets, please do so now. I can get them to you through Orie. Please support the arts - particularly DANCE!


Orie… Continue

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I think it's Michael Jackson...

If you believe Halloween is all about the dead coming out of hiding, then I have a story, I think Michael Jackson is trying to show himself to me through my painting. I have always admired him, even when the whole world seemed to hate him, I saw good in him. I am not sure what you thought, but I really did think Michael Jackson was an interesting person. When I was a kid, I had a crush on him.

But today, as I stood back from my painting, I thought I saw his face coming through the… Continue

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Rogue 2010 call for artists

Call to visual artists:

It's that time of year again. Volunteers and staff have been quietly ramping up for 2010's Rogue Festival. October 1st marked the day that applications were opened for artists and November 15th marks the day that applications close. If you or someone you know is interested in sharing their artistry with throngs of Fresnans, now is the time! Obviously, there are a limited number of spots available and they go on a first come, first served basis so don't delay!… Continue

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I have deleted my last blog. It was not ment as an attack on Victor, I was just trying to get answers. I censor my own work to fit in with each situation. When there is a problem I try to get feedback on where the problems are. I may be leaving the site, if someone would like to give me feedback on showing my work in public that would make this time worthwile.

Thank you,

Michael P. Hays

Added by Michael P. Hays on October 28, 2009 at 5:27pm — 2 Comments

Christmas Art Show - Winning Pieces Will be Displayed at the Met!!

Kings River Arts Council is hosting a Christmas Art Show!

The art will be displayed in the storefront of a corner building at the intersection of

G Street and 10th Street in Reedley, Ca. The storefront windows will be decorated in a festival Christmas theme to accentuate the art.

This location has great exposure and the art can be viewed by all!

Art will hang from the first Saturday through the last Saturday in December. Art drop off deadline is December… Continue

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Art Show Jurors

There are two important expectations for those who would act as jurors of a fine art show: Expertise and subjectivity.

First, Jurors should be invited on the basis of their experience and/or familiarity with subject matter being judged and techniques used. For example, Highly qualified painters not photographers or sculptors should be selected to jury other painters. They are peers of those being considered not the latter (photographers & sculptors).… Continue

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Gallery Exhibition (Part 2)

So, are you worried out there, that you’re not selling your pieces? Well there are a few artists selling, but only a few. I was looking forward to visiting the Las Vegas International Art Expo again this year in September. It’s always great to see what the new SOLO artists are creating and how the premier artists have tweaked their style so that their regular patrons will again buy their pieces. Art Business News whose parent company runs both the New York and Las Vegas International Art Expos… Continue

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My Johnny

At first when we met I thought to myself this guy is okay but not my type, we started up a conversation and I began to feel at ease, we were at a barbecue and a mutual aquaintance had introduced us , although not to my knowledge it was kinda of a blind date, we just talked about so many things that it turned out I ended up thinking to myself he is a pretty nice guy, we exchanged phone numbers and he said he would call me next time he was in town, it turns out he was from the Bay arera, he had… Continue

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Fresno Swede Festival

The Fresno Swede Festival (Swede Fest) was dreamed up as a creative way to engage the Fresno metro area in the arts. The great thing about making a swede is that you don't need anything but a camera and some enthusiasm!

You might be asking, what IS a swede? It's a person from Sweden. But it's also a summarized recreation of your favorite Hollywood movie, starring you! The term comes from Michel Gondry's 2008 film "Be Kind Rewind."

We're trying to introduce people (kids and… Continue

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I met a person who suggested this site to me and I thought I try it. Well I picked the name Lonely, by Dictionary defintion Lonely means: being alone; solitary; without company; companionless, isolated. We'll that is how I feel although I am surrounded by people yet it is strange that in my soul I feel so alone. There are so many people who are in the same situation, what is it that my soul longs for, I have begun a new stage of life yet as I look back I have had that empty and lonely feeling… Continue

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CALL FOR ARTISTS: design a violin for our Painted Violin Project! Help the Youth Orchestras of Fresno! Applications due November 1, 2009

The Youth Orchestras of Fresno this year will join the many similar organizations to have sponsored Painted Violin projects--we are sponsoring a Painted Violin project of our own! We are seeking 10 artists each willing to decorate a violin be displayed then auctioned off at our… Continue

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