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Would anyone be interested in getting together with a piece or two of art and potluck? A chance to get together and talk about our work and get feedback in an encouraging format of "what can be done to make the piece better and what are we doing right?" I teach at City College and we could possibly use the sculpture room there some Friday evening - or if someone has another suggestion . . . It would not have to be just sculpture either and we could invite other local artists as well.

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Oh, by the way, I don't think you should put me in charge of the potatoes. I tend to burn them, unless, you let me make my secret recipe of potatoes. No frying involved. I do not like fried food.
Also, I can make my delicious egg pizza, my kids love it! OMG, the possibilities. Yummy, someone better bring O.J. with vodka, no, just kidding, but a champagne brunch would be fun!
I am so excited.
Hmmmmm, maybe if we all really love this, we could assign days, team up artist, in charge of the breakfast. When I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in S.F. several years ago, we had the most amazing brunches, put on by volunteers, they felt the parents of the sick and injured children deserved this. And we all really appreciated it, over the two months I lived there, that was one of the nicest things that happened for us. We were so exhausted.
Another great idea, we could get together as artists and volunteer to do that at the local Ronald McDonald House sometime. You know, give back. I would love that, if anyone would want to go to the one in S.F. that would be really fun. I don't know, just thoughts!

Life is an occasion. stand up for it! Forest Whitaker
Egg pizza - that sounds like something I would like to try! Eric and I were thinking of a harvest salad and something else - maybe a quiche.
We would love to be there, but it depends on whether we go to the Ren Faire that Saturday or not.
Yes, it has been going on now since Sep 11. We just haven't made it yet and the last weekend for it is the 17-18. This is the one in Casa de Fruita/Hollister. Just been working for many days in a row and we need a recreational break. LOL Always grateful for the work, but all work and no know how it is.
I am having to change the date for my Iron pour at City. The only other day that works for my students is, of course, the 17th. Nuts. Naturally, not all of us will be able to make it to what ever date we choose, but would the 10th (which is now open for me) or the 24th work any better for anyone else??? If the 17th is the best for the majority, would any one be willing to meet at 10am instead?
I am lost...did we settle on a date and I missed it?
The meetings today Sunday 4 to 6 pm, Sorensen's

Linda Lloyd Pitts said:
I am lost...did we settle on a date and I missed it?


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