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Hi All - I wanted to ask if each of you would visit this discussion topic a you join and let us know a little about yourself and what you are really good at. It will help us get to know each other and let us know who to ask what questions. I know that many of us will already know each other and some of us are such pillars to the community that there is little doubt as to what our speciality is like Chris Sorenson is well known for his stellar metal fabrication skills, but how many of you know that Bill is also an excellent metal worker. He has created many fantastic welded steel sculptures over the years.

Don't worry about your level of experience - if you have not made much sculpture yet let us know what you are interested in learning. For those of you who have experience what do you still want to learn? Hopefully, we will be able to partner you up with people who have experience in areas you want to learn about.

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I am Laura. I teach sculpture at Fresno City College and although as a teacher you become a jack of all trades, my true love is metal casting. I have worked both for myself and other artists over the years. Out east I was lucky enough to work for people like George Segal and Kiki Smith. I even did repair on a Henry Moore casting. Bronze and iron are my focus though I also often use fabricated steel, clay and fiberglas in my work. Recently I have become interested in the use of rapid prototyping machinery to create sculpture as well.
I'm Bill aka Bosque, My specialty as Laura mentioned is sculpting metal: I use thick wire for creating figurative pieces and metal sheets and strips for abstracts. I've worked down at Chris' place a couple years ago and really benefited from the atmosphere and the various machines and tools he has!
Hi, I am Brenda. I am a clinical social worker turned artist, hoping to blend the two into art therapy. I have been studing high-fire ceramics, handbuilt and wheel-thrown, stain glass, fused glass and sculptural and 3-D display for galleries, recycled and found objects, at C.O.S. in Visalia under Richard Flores, for the past four years.I also make jewellery using gold, silver and natural gemstones. I almost have a ceramic and glass studio set up. I love making my own glazes, but have not set up a glaze room yet.

I would love to learn to do lampwork and cast glass, warm glasswork. I am seriously thinking about taking metal welding and forging class for artists, next semester. My son is a master- welder but refuses to leach me until I learn the basics, LOL, but he has all the equipment and I have a lot of found metal objects.To learn metal casting and glass casting would be my dream, but we don't have classes in that here.So lucky to have Laura and Bosque in this group, would love to learn more. Kiki Smith, is one of my art idiols. Have no idea what prototyping machinery is, but loved your work Laura. I am buying a new camera and will be sharing pics soon of what I am up to. Glad to have this group!
Hi, I am Eric. I am a metalsmith who makes both jewelry and sculpture. My specialties include metal working techniques like mokume-gane (a lamination and patterning process), anticlastic forming, forging/smithing/blacksmithing and metal casting. I have also been experimenting with the use of Urushi - a Japanese lacquer process.

Like Laura (my wife), I also worked at the Johnson Atelier and so I to am a real good resource on metal casting, metal chasing and welding.
Hi - my name is Debra. My specialty is figurative and conceptual metal sculpture, coppersmithing, repousse/chasing and I dabble in jewelry. At the moment, my art work is more of a hobby due to time constraints, but I keep trying to get more involved. I also do some blacksmithing, general welding and metal fabrication by trade. My husband and I own a custom metal business in the foothills. One of these days I would love to learn how to do lost wax casting.
Hi! I'm Amy Kohl. My sculpture mediums include metal, stone, and wood. I was a painter while in college back East, but evolved into a sculptor in 2003 when I started welding at Chris's place. I use mainly found objects. I prefer using the mig to weld... instant gratification. Plus, it works on the rusty metal that I prefer. Carving became a passion in 2005. I carve at home, using mostly hand tools- which takes a while on 300 pound stones. I work mainly with soft stones, but have acquired some marble that I plan to start soon.
My work is mainly "abstract"- and ranges in size from small to large.
My name is Sin and I am an artist. I love art of all types, I have been greatly inspired by the greats, expecially Camille Claudel (Bill turned me on to her, wow, what a woman she was), I also am a painter, I love the feeling of the paint on my hands as I sculpt it to what I want, yes, sculpt. That is why Iove using my fingers to paint, it is also very sensuous, much like working with clay. I am a photographer too, capturing the moment or the soul is what I strive for. Writing is also a great release for me. I would be lost without art. I am one of those that believe, life is an art, our experiences and our doings. I love sculpture and have a lot of exposure to it, I rent studio space from the master, Chris Sorensen. Thanks for the opportunity to share.
Keep coming back, it works if you work it.
Hello, I am Christina R. Martinez and I use the 'stage name' if you will of JadedWolfStudios because when I decided to seriously start focusing on art a year ago.. I googled my name just to see what would come up. There is another artist out their with the same name..... so I figured it would get confusing if someone tried to look me up online and didn't know who was who. SO I try to sign everything with both my name and my 'art' name. All my websites reflect this.

I am a new artist. Of course I've always drawn ect. growing up. But I did not seriously make it a point to create (drawing, occassional sculpting, painting little doo-dads, etc) until exactly a year ago when in a fit of insanity, desperation, or yet to be determined genius... I walked away from my full time cubicle chains and started painting. Really painting. On actual canvas and on large formats. The irony is now I have the time and inspiration to create.. but lack the funds to always get my hands on the materials I need/want! But it beats what I was living before. Which wasn't really living. I was so stressed and creatively smothered that I was lucky if I was able to clear my mind enough to sit down and draw once or twice a year. Per family wishes, I had forced back that part of myself and instead trained up the logical, efficient office persona that promised that steady paycheck. At the slow painful sacrifice of my true self. So, I took the leap in a new direction. See where it leads me.

I hestitate to say I have a specialty. I can't say I have an agenda, or statement I am trying to make. I just draw, paint, sculpt, play with my food...because I must. I struggled to find words for what I thought my art was.. my friend told me its emotional, since my emotions are the usual spark that initiates a new work. So I guess my "specialty" is emoting! And I use charcoal, pencil, acrylics, some collage, and when I can get my hands on it... clay - to express what I hold inside.

I do not have any kind of real training. I wasn't allowed to take art classes even in high school. I did take a 6 day course in adult school once for drawing, and another one for clay sculpture. It was the first time I ever had my hands in clay and it felt like the best thing in the whole world. I felt like I should have been doing that all my life. Oddly enough, I've only done Three so far... but only because I don't have any clay! and then the extra cost of firing fees present a challenge. But if I had my way.. I'd have my hands in that clay every day.

I am also fascinated by metal (welding) sculpture, though I have never tried it.

Ok. Thats me in a wordy little nut shell.
wow... didn't realize that was sooo long... sorry! Some days you can't get me to talk at all...others I'll write an autobiography. :)
From my home page you will see I am primarily a lost wax sculptor working in bronze, aluminum, cast iron(when Laura has a pour I can attend) and glass. I usually combine the cast pieces with other materials to make an environment and my work is primarly figurative. I use whatever is at hand that works and I really need to learn how to weld as I currently have others do what welding a piece needs. I live in Ahwahne and dion't get to Fresno the way I used to due to gas and time retraints. I think the Fire Dance would be a great event and would like to help if there is an enough interest in starting a Fresno event. My time is especially limited now with a business to run and employees to keep paid. You can see what I do at my website www. I an willing to share knowledge when I can and hope this group gets more involved than just words.
I'm Rattananan. Normally I paint many different mediums and I just started to do Bas-Relief Mixed Medium in last 2 years ago. And I'm having fun with it until it becomes my speciality. It looks like painting + sculpture in the frame. I'm interest in any kind of art. I used to work on clay a little bit, on photograph a little bit, fabric a little bit..,etc. I'm a little bit in every things. But when I found something I really like, I go deep with it. I will pull it from the root.


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