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We have been going back and forth a bit about a Fire Arts Festival here in Fresno, so let's start a real discussion on this one. Who is interested? What would you like to do to help? Where would you suggest us have it? When would you suggest we have it (I am canning any thoughts of summer time, uck!) Who would you suggest we invite to "perform." What type of artists should we have - performers, demonstrations, workshops? Should it be a fundraiser for something? And anything else you can think of. Hopefully, we can develop a preliminary committe from this discussion.

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I don't know much about fire art so not sure where to start, but here are some thoughts... do you think the group from The Crucible would be interested in a /performance/demo and possibly a workshop of some sort? Could it be part of the Rogue Festival?
Fire Arts art any artform that involves fire either in it's production or in the final product. So blacksmithing for example is a fire art. At the crucible they will have demos of everything from welding to raku as well as performances and sculptures that use fire.
Laura and I are interested in starting something like this and would like to know who else is interested.

Elevation by Micheal Christian

The Golden Mean by Jon Sarriugarte Here are a couple of photos from the Fire Arts Festival in Oakland. I would post more, but these are the only two that I could find their names on the crucible's site. The pieces were not well marked (one thing I would change if we had one here) There were around 25 installations, a large stage with performers and musicians, a number of vendor booths and several demonstration booths from the crucible.
How fun! Very creative! Have you ever made it to the Burning Man Festival?
Eric and I would be interested! Our work schedule fluctuates so we would have to take on a project by project basis, though. But definitely interested!
Your husband is also named Eric - wow I read this and thought I wrote it! LOL!
I have not yet made it to Burning Man. It always occurs during the first week(s) of the semester and I have not wanted to abandon my classes - even for something so cool.


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