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I don't see many discussions on here. Is everyone busy but me?
Just sending private comments? Using the email thingy? Let me know... I think I'm missing something here.

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Hi Christopher, It seems that practical painting topics do get attention, but I'm not sure about the social. I've invited artists (that I haven't met) on this site to my openings, but it's hard to tell if anyone comes if they don't introduce themselves. I think I've only met one so far. The Lovesong community actually interacts with one another, on the physical plane, and a lot of them are visual artists, so I joined and look forward to their group shows. It would be great if we had a kind of Mind-hub flow of discussions going on, but I think you're hunch is correct–few have time and many of us are shy; however, here I am at 3 a.m. hmmmm I wonder how many of us are painting right now? Well, obviously, I'm not . . . painting is such a struggle . . . (open for discussion!)
All the best to you, J
flow of discussion would be good. I think maybe people don't check in often because it appears that not much is happenning (as far as forums). And not much can happen if they don't check in often. But I think if a few people made an effort to frequently add content in this area of the website other people would take notice. They might check in more frequently and start jumping into the action.
I think the way this forum is set up looks alot different from other forums that I've been to. Maybe thats another reason it's not used so much (unfamiliar) but it works... so lets use it!
I would love to have a critique, encouragement, brainstorm and share ideas, bring your work and share, maybe have dinner or picnic, I miss the class environs when school is out. Is anyone else interested in something like that? Brenda
No, I don't think you are missing anything....I don't see the comments on here either. Perhaps we are all painting?
You may be right.....

Linda Lloyd Pitts said:
No, I don't think you are missing anything....I don't see the comments on here either. Perhaps we are all painting?


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