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Hello All!


I am the Gallery Director of a new Gallery in North Fresno called Gallery Central. I am looking for 2-4 Artists to feature at our grand openning event tenitivlty scheduled for Sept. 16.


If you are interested please send me an email at


Please include your name, contact info, and a few snap shots of pieces you'd like to show.


I am eager to showcase local artists and depending on how many responses I recieve I might add more artists. I am also commited to doing the Art Hop event every month with the option of selling paintings on consignment!





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Dear Laurel,
I hope that I am not too late to submit work. I am a very special artist and have yet to be discovered. I have a lot of work that is not up on the ones with Please look at my work. I would like to include some that I currently do not have pictures of. I am working on them presently. They are many ceramic works included in this group. They deal with the Navaho Creation Story. I have some of the pieces up at CAFE presently. I am working with ceramic tiles presently and they should be completed soon. I have the tiles made. I have to mount them and paint the mount,(plywood). But really, I have a whole lot of work and I do not want to push it now that I am actually writing about it. The Navaho Creation Story is all fine and good but presentation is very important and I am not ready just yet. Please look at my work. I am going to send you some more info on another reply. I am looking forward to hearing from you. I would love to show some of my work at your gallery. It would be good to meet you in person so we could get a feel for each other and what you are looking for.


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