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I'm am responsible for a 4th grade project that will be sold at auction. While browsing the web I found at a cool ceramic bowl made out the the childrens handprints. It is located under their Auction Projects link. I was hoping to find someone locally that could help me do this. They suggest I find someone who can work with ceramics. We are on a tight deadline since the auction is on Nov 1st. I am hoping some one can help me. Please contact me if you can. Thanks.

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Hi Jill,

That deadline is awfully tight for a ceramic project -- a day for creation, drying time, a day for firing, a day for glazing and second firing. If someone started Monday, they'd be lucky to finish by Friday. It can be done in that time, but it's not likely to happen, unless someone's got lots of time and has a full load of bisque ready to go AND a load of glazed ware ready, or will fire their kiln w/o a full load.

If you find someone, wahoo! :) ... but, honestly, it would be realistic to look for another project.
I pretty much knew it was too late, but I would still like to have the project ready to go for next year. Do you know anyone I could contact in the future that would be willing to do such a project??
I'm interested :). There's a glitch in my account at the moment and I can't access the "add as a friend" option on your page. Will you visit mine and see if you can find that link under my photo? Add me and we can take this to FresnoArts mail...much easier.

Hi Jill, What about that type of clay that can be fired in a home oven or dried in the sun? You might still be able to do that type, if you have your heart set on clay. Even Michael's carries modeling clay which could be painted.
I know this is a while ago... but I was trying to find a picture of that bowl.... do you have it. I couldn't find it on the link that was posted.


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