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This isn't related to art, but thought it might be fun to have a recipe exchange. What do you think?

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Hi Debra,
If you start a group "Culinary Arts: Recipes" in the Groups section, you could even use the "Discussion Forum" feature to create categories (breads, veggies, fish, etc.)

If you need help, let me know!

The start of culinary arts here in our local social network will add so much diversity to our growing community. I hope that our local chefs and closet cooks find their way here!
sounds yummy to me!!!
I will give it a try tomorrow-am signing off the computer for the night ! Thanks for the suggestion! D.
I am new to this group but I enjoy cooking and trying new food. Especially new recipes. I got some to share, especially those that use the grill.
Hey, that is so cool, and actually, culinary is an art. Check out some of the cooking shows on the food network channel. Also, I have a very old book that belonged to my grandparents in Germany. They had a bakery and designed cakes. Very artistic! Kudos to you for starting this great discussion, maybe it should be a group.
I hope I have the opportunity to meet you someday. Cynthia

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