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I make quality puppets for home use, entertaining the public, or just to talk to your kids with, or to use for parties...each one is unique for your event, in other words they are custom crafted. I can help write scripts also or design staging for your event. (Of course this is expensive! But worth it!) to schedule an appointment please call 1-702-300-6842 or email me at (Yes I am working my way through school!)

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Hi can you send me fotos of your work?
please do sow to

We need custome made puppet, send price, please need info ASAP.

Hi Merrily. I'd love to see the puppets some time. I've made and performed with puppets before in Fresno and other areas of CA. I helped to organize a puppetry guild in Fresno a bazillion years ago and used to perform at Storyland (also in the stone age). Glad to hear about another local puppeteer.
Andra Christenson -
I studied puppetry with Linda Dryden at Fresno State. I have some made of rabbits, a carrot, a gorilla and a tree and miscellaneous. I love the performin with them and the putting together the show. I have not done anything publically however I guess I am to shy.
It would be fun to do more, but I have not.

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