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My new TV show debuted last Friday online at and 33.1 on your digital TV. The focus will be on valley artists and exhibitions as well as cultural events.

My first guests were Marcos Dorado (100 Faces of Fresno - Arte Americas) and Professor Dick Haas (This and That - Spectrum Gallery). We chatted about their shows, their backgrounds and techniques, and the online format allowed the guests to take questions.

Please feel free to send me your press releases, show suggestions or guest requests. I am also looking for sponsors and advertisers.

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it in the future. What time does it show?
Wanted to send you the below info on the Arts Festival =)

Reedley Arts Festival
October 2nd – 8th, 2009

Friday – Opening Ceremony (12:00 – 1:00)
Proclamation by the Mayor
Visual Arts

Saturday – Music (10:00 – 10:00)
Music – various places around downtown
Music – Pioneer Park from 6:00 to 9:00
Artist’s booths

Sunday – Art on Wheels (10:00 – 10:00)
Music – various places around downtown
Artist’s booths
Car parade
Graffiti art competition
To stay on display through the Festival

Monday – Movement Arts (6:00 – 9:00)
Music – various places around downtown
Dance – many styles
Marshal arts

Tuesday – Visual Arts (6:00 – 9:00)
Music – various places around downtown

Wednesday - Drama (6:00 – 9:00)
Church youth groups
River City Theatre
Short Plays

Thursday – Culinary Arts (6:00 – 9:00)
Music – various places around downtown
Many different dishes to taste

Every day
Visual arts on display at various places
Writer’s Block – Poetry and other types of readings in various locations
Chalk the Walk
Beer and Wine Garden
Congratulations! Many blessings and sponsors!
Christina: Ooops, thanks for pointing out that I didn't leave the time! It's on at 3PM, just before CV Buzz with Chuck Leonard.

Tomorrow's show is all about cinema. My guests are Jon Carroll (Reel Pride) and Catherine Campbell (Fresno Filmworks).

Thank you so much Melanie, for the Reedley Arts Festival. I know our Valley is filled with talented people, and they all don't live in Fresno.
I just realized that the whole message I had typed out didn't show and only the last part is visible.. weird. Anyways, thanks for the info! Although I don't have cable and apparently my tv decides if and when I get certaiin channels, because the other day I had noticed that that channel was up and then all day yesterday I kept checking for it and I didn't have that channel anymore! :( But I will keep trying to catch it.
Hello there,

We'd love to come by and talk about arts in education or lack thereof particularly in Fresno.

We are dance arts advocates and we have been trying to promote unity in diversity through the language of dance. This year has brought together 24 groups of dancers who would normally never share a stage due to to the disparity in dance style, type, age, music, proficiency and culture.

We can bring several dancers from various groups at at time to talk about who they are, where they are from, what they do, why they do what they do and even educate us about their cultures, countries and beliefs.

Please let us know if you are interested.
Cris Mendoza-Howell
What group is this? Is it part of festival? Is something coming up?

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