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Hello Fresno Arts Community,

I would like to invite you to visit the new Fresno Arts Council website.  It's packed with "goodies" including the Arts Database and new sign up form for members.  As always we are looking to get some feedback so let us know how we are doing!

Also, several months ago, I invited the community to tag photos that will be used on this new website.  In the next month or so, we will figure out how to incorporate a "featured member/artist" into the website or here at FresnoArts. 

What we would like to do "now" is to ask for high resolution photos that could work as the "image" background for the whole site (and here at as well).  It will replace the color streaks that you currently see now.

Post your feedback and upload your photos that you want to submit for consideration.   Take care and God bless...

Website link:

Victor Ramayrat
Founder/Community Host

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The site looks great!

Below are two photos that I believe are the 300 dpi resolution. Both are images of copper repousse/embossing work that I do.

Thanks - Debra Montgomery
Hi Victor, Please feel free to use any of the 822 pictures that I have posted of our Art Hops from last year at: I think that they will reproduce well, but, if you need any high-res photos, let me know the number and I will attach them to an email. Happy to help, and beautiful site! - Karl Kallmann

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