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Who else but the Irish would come up with such a humorous, often risque, verse of five lines with the rhyme scheme aabba.  Please dream up one of your own and add it to the comment box below! 

She played me like a fiddle
And afterward I felt little
Oh what a wild ride
Till dawn she left my side
Now my hearts in a knot like a riddle

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There is a free wall provided by Chris Disrespect it and you're on the black list Taggers and writers threw up some letters till some out of towner thought he knew better now all the momma grizzles are angry and pissed

In Fresno she lived where temperatures sizzle
Her brain and her psych had begun to fizzle
Told to bloom where she was planted
She grew weary of where she landed
So she took it out with her hammer and chisel

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