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UPDATE: It's now official. We have enough response that we are making a FresnoArts pre-ArtHop Meetup at 1724 Broadway Street (across Rainbow Ballroom). Some of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce ambassadors will be there as well for my company's ribbon cutting at 4pm.

The FresnoArts Meetup will be from 4pm - 5pm, which will serve as the appetizer for ArtHop. Socient and the Fresno Arts Council will be serving snacks and beverages for all guest. And we will have the pleasure of hearing the music of Pieter L. Moerdyk during the event (thank you Pieter and Jum)...

So come out and join the fun... It's a simple meet and greet event, but this gives us the opportunity to get together once in a while.



Ok... so our last "meetup" was kind of last year when we had a movie premier of Ghost Town in Clovis. Would you like to have another?

I am bringing it up because I am having a ribbon cutting ceremony for my business Socient on April 2, 4PM, at my new office located in 1724 Broadway Street (two blocks from Broadway Studios) and I am hoping that friends, families, and well-wishers could stop by. It also serves as a pre-Arthop event for the FDA Arthop: The line between Art and Design and other venues.

So if you know me, either through professional relationships, civic meetings, chance encounters, and/or online connections, please stop by and say hi (maybe also offer some emotional support because in this economy, we all need "the encouragement" (and also "word of mouth marketing" -- shameless plug).

So why is this on the front page of FresnoArts?

Well, because if I get enough RSVP (through this discussion), it might as well be another FresnoArts meetup...

I would like to ask that you RSVP here via the comment/reply section if you are coming so I could officially make it a FresnoArts meetup as well...

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You can count me in! You have done so much for the arts community with this site alone... thanks. I'm having an artist's reception at dcac (754 P street) on Friday from 5-8... you can do some shameless plugging there too. Come check out dcac, my art (metal and stone sculpture), have a glass of wine, bring friends, and if you have fliers for your ribbon cutting, share them!
Amy Kohl
Victor, I also appreciate the work that you do here, (my only reference to your work). My the energy you must have! I would like to come. If I can make it is still in the workings. How about a strong maybe?
BTW- the last meetup of Ghost Town was greatly appreciated!
Will be there; wouldn't miss it. REMIND as the date comes up? :)
Thank you Amy, Kathy, and Victoria. I look forward to seeing all of you soon. I got busy getting some Fresno State wines last weekend...

I hope that FresnoArts members who we have yet to meet "in person" could come out, so that we could put a better perspective on our conversations and connections.

I would like to be there for you Victor, sounds cool.
Victor, looking forward with great anticipation for your event. many blessings to you and yours.
Hi Victor, Great idea. Thank you. I'll be there.
It's official... we're having the Meetup. Read the update...
Ok, cool. See you there.


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