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ok so i had an idea for an art bazar the other night . and im really interested in pushing it. i jsut need to know if there is enough crafters, artist, musicians, clothing designers, jewlery makers, etc. to fill it up. i spoke with the tower theater and im looking to host it there. im trying to get sponsorship so ready for this (you pay nothing) just show up set up a booth and sell your product. will def .keep everyone posted. if i cant get the sponsor ship i want ot try and get over 40 vendors so it will only be $40 bucks a booth. aiming for more. lol well let me know if this is something you are all interested . the attached image in a mock. jsut to give an idea of thats going on.
contact: or 559-803-4595 martin here

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Great idea Martin. Let me know if this pushes through and I will give you free 1,000 impressions of banner ads for the event.


Iniative is what we need, yea! This is a great idea. You need time to put together some sort of board to cover all stages of the bazar. Publicity is crutial. No publicity, no attendees. Doesn't matter how many great artists you collect, no one will be there to support, purchance art.
Press Releases, news attention, e-mails, media attention. What will bring the media to attention. $$$ to buy advertisement, radio & print. Your idea will grow if you do it right. Support & Communication. Reach out to our web site. Ann
What time frame are you looking at? Do you have a date in mind? Ann
Fascinating idea Martin
Please let me know how to sign up...if it progresses. Living close to the Magnificant Tower for 60+ years gives me a specially close love for all that goes on in the Tower.
Linda Lloyd Pitts
Great idea! I'm definitely interested in participating Martin.
I am in!!! I am a pastelist. My son is in too. He is 18 and a fabulous photographer and digital artist. Please keep me posted on the info.

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