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The Redevelopment Agency of the City of Fresno (“Agency”) seeks to commission a site specific artwork that will engage the citizens and those doing business with the city as they
approach the downtown and Chinatown area.

The Project Site is at the corner of Fresno Street and E Street at the entryway to Chinatown.
(See site plan, Exhibit A). Proposed at that site is a 4,700 s.f. multi-tenant building anchored by a convenience store. The City requires a 20 foot landscape setback which is large enough to accommodate the Project. This is a highly visible area as it is located within feet of the Fresno Street exit from State Highway 99, the main freeway exit into downtown.

Art located at Fresno and E Street should provide strong visual identity, and contribute to the overall experience and perceptions of the area in a memorable and vital way. A critical
objective of the design is to use materials, colors, and aesthetics that speak to contemporary times while recognizing the area’s historical context. Clarity of circulation, spatial volumes, and contemporary materials are the keystones of the overall design.

All media will be considered but should have the capability of withstanding extreme
temperatures and weather conditions. Any proposed landscaping elements should be full sun and drought tolerant. The artwork should be complementary to the project’s architecture. As appropriate, art should function as wayfinders, bringing people through volumes of space and providing visual points of focus.

Traditional materials for artwork that have met the durability requirements of the street
environment have included glass, steel, stone, bronze and aluminum. Other materials can be used that meet the environmental challenges and this will be discussed with the selected
finalists. The Agency will coordinate the installation of artwork with the property developer.

See the attached file for more information.

All submission related inquiries to Terry Cox, Project Manager, at 559.621.7622 or

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Very interesting..big project awesome!!

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