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I'm finding that the same Events are posted by more than one individual and often with differing information. In some cases, the information posted by individuals has been incomplete or incorrect.

Also, if FresnoArts visitors find an individual's listing of the event, they are not likely to look farther and find the actual studio's posting, with complete contact info, time, map, directions, etc.

I'd like to propose that the organizers of an event / owners of a gallery be left to post their own event and use the event or gallery name as the header.

In the case of individual artists showing at that event, that they post their name/their artwork's name as the header and point out in the information that it will be at a particular show.

As a studio or event promoter, it's hard to answer for misinformation listed under your name! (Yes, this has already happened.)

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I hear you... Right now, events management is really in a "post at will" mode. We don't have that much resources to invest in having each event moderated. What we could do is to add something in the Events Posting Guide and make sure everybody reads it; although we won't know if it will be followed or not. At this point though, we have not seen too much information noise (although as you said they happened) on the events posting to merit moderation or rules tightening.

We'll keep watching!


Hi Busyladyatthenudesshow :)
As someone who post events....I'm not too sure what we are NOT supposed to do? Can you explain a bit more to me?
Hey, great show!
By the way,I saw the studio fairy wolfing down hot dogs and then flying away.
Hi Linda :)

The problem arrives when the event host/sponsor/gallery lists an event, and then individual participants list their participation under the same event name. It results in multiple listings for a single event, often with incomplete and/or incorrect times, directions, contact info. It's also resulted in some confusion about who is responsible for an event.

If you'd like to say that your work will be in an upcoming event, it would be less confusing to use your name, your media, or your work's title as the name of the event, and then provide the venue information in the section below.

That way, individual artists can list their shows (and be found by their followers!), while event sponsors can be sure that their complete listing, with correct times, location, and contact information will be found.

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