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This sounded extremely interesting and it occurred to me there might be a few here interested:

"Hack an IKEA flat pack – a product you buy in a package and have to assemble at home. Make small alterations, or forget the instructions – let your imagination run wild and make something totally different out of it. Then take pictures or make a video and send it in with a brief statement. Tell us what it is, how you made it, and the name of your new product, if it has one. Email your entry to billy [at] by Monday 15 September.

The winning design will be exhibited at the 2009 Montreal Biennial, of which Platform21 = Hacking IKEA will be part. It will also be displayed at the BRIGHT stand during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the Netherlands."

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This should be fun and a great exercise. I am not a stranger to assembling IKEA parts during my early married days. The challenge now is that IKEA is 150 miles away from us. :/body>
Here's a solution:

(Sadly, I think there used to be an IKEA in downtown Fresno...seem to recall buying a bookshelf there years ago :/ )
That is so funnieee! I LOVE IKEA! I still have many bookcases, tv stands, kitchen gadgets and stuff from when I was single till today. It has travelled with me from L.A. to the Bay Area to Fresno.

Unfortunately, IKEA Glendale is also 210 miles from me and will be a challenge to lug the furniture from there to here..... at such short notice too..... shucks..... man!

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