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This is just in. I just spoke to Martin from Fresno Economic Development (who's coordinating the VIBE) and he is offering the whole area of Kern Street from the Virginia Hotel alley to Van Ness Avenue as an Arts & Crafts row (incidentally I thought about the same thing last time I visited the VIBE).

The Fresno Arts Council is taking care of recruitment and ensuring that there will be TONS of artists (with their crafts) represented and participating during this event.

Initially, 30 booth spaces are provided, with more depending on the response rate. To participate, you need to do the following:

1. Comment to this discussion with your intent to participate. Please include in your comment what you will be offering on your booth/table. The VIBE is a family-oriented event. It would be great to offer interactive activities to entice visitors (like face painting, clay/pottery, chalk art, portrait drawing, etc...) and/or pass handouts so they could learn more about you and your work.

2. This is once again a first-come, first-serve basis offer so please respond asap.

3. Please do show up with your tent and table and anything that could help you market your artwork/crafts. It will also be great to work together with other artists to share a booth or something. Please use another forum (or use e-mail) to coordinate it with one another.

Here's an image map of where the Arts & Crafts row will be located (and some information on the logistics of the event).

Update 8/18/08: Here's an e-mail from the City of Fresno for VIBE vendors:

Set up time is from 1-3 p.m. (I can be a bit flexible but needs to be as close as possible as there are a tremendous amount of moving parts to this event that need to move like clockwork)

Event time is from 5-10 p.m.

There is no charge to participate but I ask that all art is presentable to the general public as this is a family event.

If you have give-aways, pamphlets, brochures, samples; bring them. The more that the public can get to make this a memorable event, the more of these events we can have. Hands on, interactive opportunities are extremely well received (especially for the younger ones).

On average between 4,000 and 5,000 come out to the event over the course of the 5 hours.

This will be very well attended as it is 1) Heavily promoted on the radio and tv (English and Spanish) 2) Will be attended by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Chief of Police, 3) Focused on being multi-cultural

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Would love to do this. How many Friday's are left? I'm waiting for final confirmation from Woodward Shakespeare on this Friday, free again two weeks following (on the 29th).
August 22nd Friday is the last for the summer, so this would be the only opportunity. It is a very well attended event (as you know), and about 4,000 - 5,000 attendees are expected. There will be lots of live performances there as well.
Hi Victor,

Chris Sorensen Studio would like to be there on this date (Aug 22) --sign us up? We have a canopy and tables and look forward to it.

Metal and other media -- sculpture.

Studio Phone: 237-4934 (ask for Bob)
So is this a free venue?
What are the set up/take down specs.?
What are the ground rules for arts vs crafts. Only arts? Both?
1. Yes it is free.
2. Set-up is a regular canopy tent maybe 10x10, then have anything there to sell that is locally made; best if you have information to hand-out or have something interactive for your booth visitors to do.
3. Not much ground rules other than the regular not offensive, not loud (there's a performance stage on the street), and most of all not distasteful.
4. Fresno Arts will be there with a vertical banner of promotion
How early can you set up for this and when can things be broken down? when does it end? I've seen several places with different times 5-8, 5-10, 5-7. Which is more accurate?
Thanks for the info!
The event is from 5PM to 10PM. You could set-up between 4-5pm and take them down when you want.
Hi Victor,

I'm going to team up with Sorensen Studio for the 22nd. Going out of town *very* early the next morning and I wouldn't be able to stay till the end if on my own. If I don't hear back from you, I'm going to assume this is "OK." ...Thanks!
Of course, it's ok... It will be fun!
Yes, Omar... There's tons of booth available and space availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Just bring your canopy and table and whatever you need to set-up your art and friend's shirts.
Hello VIBE participants,

I am producing an insert to the ArtHop brochure that will be handed out this Friday, which will promote At the back will be a list of participants and a mini-profile. I will get all the necessary contents from your FresnoArts profile page unless you comment here to tell me whatever you want to place on the brochure.

I would love to participate in this event if there are spots left. I have spoken to a friend who prints and vends fresno-themed Tshirts and he says he would like to share a booth with me. So, we would have my paintings and his Tshirts, if it is not too late to jump onboard.


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