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At 8:56pm on June 25, 2012, Efrén Ruiz-Ortega said…

Scott, sorry it has taken soooo long to get back at you. Already enjoying my time at Spectrum. Should have joined a long time ago. You have some awsome work.

Efren, Live Long and Prosper

At 2:21pm on June 17, 2012, The Art Stand Gallery said…

The Art Stand Gallery is seeking new members. Would you or do you know others who might be interested? Please check out this blog. Thanks. --t. 

At 2:00pm on June 11, 2012, Ryan Sloan said…
yep. Anne was a huge positive influence on me.
I feel lucky to have had some great professors. 

if it wasn't for her, I would have never had the confidence to go on to do what I did at CSUMB with Amalia Mesa-Bains. 
thanks for the words. 
trying to pick back up with creative work again. 

I've got a ton of stuff to show .. to sell -/ gotta get busy : )
At 10:46pm on June 5, 2012, Kirsten Carver said…

Thank you Scott and glad to be here! Shalom. Got say your work is spectacular!

At 12:46pm on June 5, 2012, Brenda Allison said…

Thank you Scott, I havent been good about posting new work! There is a lot more on my website www. There is only about 30 missing pieces to be posted on site.

At 1:03pm on February 3, 2012, Devika Mehta said…

Thanks a lot Scott!

At 7:22pm on February 1, 2012, Misty Bergener said…

Your work is awesome.

At 11:42am on November 29, 2011, David Castello said…

Thank you Scott.

At 10:17am on September 26, 2011, Sarah said…
Thanks Scott, i also enjoyed a number of your photos, hope to check out the gallery soon.
At 7:17pm on May 4, 2011, Anita Stoll said…
Thank you Scott.
At 5:57pm on February 3, 2011, stephanie allison said…
thanks Scott, i appreciate it! :o)
At 9:18am on January 10, 2011, DAVE CASTELLO said…
Thank you for adding me as a friend,i have been in your gallery a few times,great work and artists.
At 3:12pm on December 16, 2010, Andrew Cain said…

hi there been trying to contact about showing some work please send me a message or email me at

At 9:50am on December 14, 2010, Rosemary Lakovich said…

Your Gallery is always a joy to visit.

At 11:57pm on December 5, 2010, Jacklin Gharibian said…

At 11:25pm on December 5, 2010, Jacklin Gharibian said…
How did you become a photographer, Scott?

By chance or by sheer effort?

By opinion after opinion or via rejections?

Is the process pure and simple or difficult and dangerous?

Does it involve the undertakings of the soul, the intellect, or your passions?
Do you neglect all forms of speech other than what may be captured by your tools?

Tell me, what is it that you do do? [Add Comment]

Jackin Gharibian
At 10:45pm on December 5, 2010, Jacklin Gharibian said…
Oh, Scott--

I have been influenced by Ansel Adams, no doubt.

I have taken into consideration the kind of photographs I have seen in history books, biology books, geography books that take me to places, places far far away, distant lands where possibly only nomads live or lands where mountain people hunt for food, the gatherers. I lived to see all of this life in my lifetime.

I have been under the influence of a great man, with a great soul, also known as Papa Mike. He published many of his photos in a book he wrote: On The Level: Walking the Streets with Mike McGarvin. It is such a great read. Do you dare to put this book on your coffee table? I dare you! I double dare you to do this one good deed to help remind yourself of all that you get from the good Lord, our Savior.

I have been influenced by Charlie Chaplin and the silent movies I used to watch on a black and white TV in Iran. “Oh what a funny, funny, man!” Then, all of the great acts I have seen on TV….too many to mention. Do any of them come to mind? No, not at the moment—it is such a blur. Being blown by the wind all around, the wind so strong--what do you see, what do you see?

Jacklin Gharibian
At 10:20pm on December 5, 2010, Jacklin Gharibian said…
Good Afternoon Scott,

I really like many of your photos.

I liked your landscapes, portraits, and that old portrait of the United States flag.

Have you ever considered drawing or painting? I am sure you have.

What about some other "scape" we may enter and take in, other than the land and the city? I just posted more of my work on my Fresno Arts website--let me hear you, will you?

Good day,

Jacklin Gharibian
At 12:33pm on December 5, 2010, mary louise brinich said…
Thanks for the compliment on my work. I would love to show some of it at where ever it will be seen by an appreciative audience. Please let me know.
At 1:56am on November 21, 2010, Andrew Cain said…
any time in december would best suite me pick a day and time and i will make it avalible,
thanks for your interest,
contact me by phone# 209 551 3320
or email

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