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Would you like to spend 30 days up by Mt. Whitney with Purple Hat in July?

I'm going back up to Mt. Whitney in July to take another crack at swimming its 60 lakes.  I'm leaving, as I see it now, subject of course to more storms, more snow, and the melt off, on July 3, hitting the trail on July 4.  There will be at least one resupply. 


I'm actually going to do more than take another crack at it:  I'm not coming back empty handed!


Its my trip, but you can come along with no guiding fee; all you have to do is pay for your part of the expenses, which right now is food, resupply, and transportation there and back.  You'll need all of your own gear and you should make it as light as possible.  I'll suggest what to bring.  My pack will weigh, without water, a maximum of 20#.  I suggest you shoot for the same weight.


Once we get there, I'll be swimming several lakes a day, and then moving on to the next area.  I'm not moving very far each day:  max is 10 miles.  But most of it will be off trail and at elevations above 12,000'.  You'll need to be in shape before we go.


If you've been to Mt. Whitney, you'll see ground you've never seen before.  It will all be beautiful and spectacular.  There will be tons of painting and drawing and photography opportunities.


You will loose weight on this trip:  guys will loose 1# a day.  I've no idea about the ladies, as I'm told their metabolism is different.  I'm sure they will loose weight.  To keep my pack weight down, I take only 8 oz. of food a day. 


Interested?  Like to learn more?  Then come over and talk with me this Sunday at 12:12 PM in Purple Hat's Map Room located inside the world famous Chris Sorensen Art Studio at 2223 S. Van Ness Ave, Fresno.


We will summit Mt. Whitney just at the very last of the trip after I've swum the last lake, via the Mountaineers Route.


I'm probably going to send everyone with me back home via the trail down to Mt. Whitney Portal Store and the road down to Lone Pine, as I'll have some more swimming in store, and I won;t want to waste my conditioning and proximity.  I guess you could continue on with me if you've got the time. 

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