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that's wolfe's manor-- i didn't know that was it's name. it's just a house i've been passing by on my way to carrows every two saturdays for breakfast with my brother and dad. i've been wanting it, taking pictures of it, imagining how i would renovate it..

it's in clovis. i've known it's haunted but not that it was a sanitarium. apparently this grand house was on the news last night which i missed. it's large. i wanted to put a large garden of herbs fruits and vegetables, with walkways and flower beds.. latices, arches, statues, bird feeders bird fountains.. solar lights maybe a pool. there's a lot next to it, i mean right next to it, where i would open a vegetarian restraunt and a second hand shop much like tower district's neighborhood thrift.

"sadness and death" i should totally live there.

did you know ghost adventures went to my someday house?

in case you're wondering, i still want to move in.

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