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Uncertainty is a Sign that Life is a Mystery

Did we live before we were born?

Must we die now so that we don’t die later?

Am I related to the stars, the Spirit or both?

Is my family tree traceable to Africa or Jupiter?

Are marriages made in heaven …

sometimes they feel like they were made in hell?

Is hell divine justice or the result of human stupidity

and who chooses it, God, man or the stars?

Did God conceive me or did I, he?

Must I really surrender to death now so as to live fully now?

Do the dead rise, is creation indestructible, where are the dinosaurs, in heaven?  

Does the wind move the leaves of the trees

or do dancing trees create the breeze?

Is God nothing since we don’t see him or is he everything we do see?

Is great sex, great worship or devilish sin?

Is nakedness not hypocrisy the preferred attire for the children of God?

Is human civilization, the great seductress who promises aggrandizement, the cause of extinctions and global warming or is it our best hope?


Note: This is not a test, so don’t write answers just embrace the mystery!


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