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Soy solo una mujer,

an unguarded heart

and an untamed mind.

I am quick to drink

from the heaven

I trace in his features,

each time I visit his face.

I create new terrain for my stories as I start

at his eyes and fall deep along the lines of his mouth.


Yo lo miro,

through these tunnel visions,

these myopic views.

I see life

inverted, reflected in his skeptical gaze.


He is only a man,

But as the image passes from my eyes

 to my

heated brain,

through my heart,

along the muscles of my arm,

and joints in my writing hand,

the pen paints him

as he truly is to me.

He is

an amazing grace in my poetical landscapes.


This sacred place,

where mountain night sky


wet moonlit beach.


Siempre le digo,

Estas no son palabras de amor.

Son solo observación.


He is kind to let me lie.


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