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Sitting in the dark 
holding my knees 
tightly to my chest,
I dare not breathe 
for fear of disrupting
a rhythmic enticement 
a sigh full of wishes
in the symphony of your voice.

I rest 
my flesh dances to every word 
that sways around my being, 
butterfly wings wrapped 
around my waist.

I listen 
to the blind echoes 
in the dark 
wave upon wave
they rise and fall, 
leaving me here 
in stillness 
against this wall.

Closing my eyes 
I fall back 
into this warm 
melodic pool 
floating there,
above the undercurrent 
of your soul.

In the dark 
I dare to 
taste the music 
on the phone.

Your voice 
fleshy, sweet
and ripe
Sabor a:
Sun bathed mangos
in a room drunk with 

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Comment by Aideed Medina on May 26, 2012 at 2:56am

This piece is one of the two I had published in the CSUF Flies, Cockroaches  and Poets back in 1999, when people still took time to talk on the phone. I am old .  makes me smile.

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